Shower Door & Enclosure Spares

Over many years of daily use the moveable parts on your shower enclosure doors can unfortunately deteriorate so we like to ensure spare parts are available so you can replace them if needs be. We keep seals, handles and some side panels to give you the opportunity to spruce up your enclosure if you feel like it’s looking a bit tired. They’re compatible with the Hydrolux and Essentials enclosures so please check the product descriptions for more information on compatibility.

  1. Diamond Black Finish Supporting Arm Joining Piece

  2. Essentials Shower Enclosure Handle

  3. Hydrolux Spare Bottom Seal For 900mm 6mm Hinged Doors

  4. Hyrdolux Spare Bottom Seal For 700mm & 800mm 6mm Hinged Doors

  5. Hydrolux Spare Magnetic Strips For 6mm Quadrant Enclosures

  6. Hydrolux Spares Pack For 6mm Hinged Doors

  7. Hydrolux Spare Magnetic Strips For 6mm Sliding Doors

  8. Hydrolux Side Panel - 4mm Glass

  9. Luxura 700mm Side Panel - 6mm Glass

  10. Luxura 760mm Side Panel - 6mm Glass

  11. Luxura Side Panel - 6mm Glass

  12. Luxura 800mm Side Panel - 6mm Glass

  13. Luxura 900mm Side Panel - 6mm Glass

  14. Diamond Framed Side Panel - 8mm Glass

  15. Diamond 800mm Frameless Side Panel - 8mm Glass

  16. Diamond 900mm Frameless Side Panel - 8mm Glass

  17. Hydrolux 6mm 760mm Side Panel

  18. Hydrolux 6mm 800mm Side Panel