Aqualux Shower Blade - Glass Cleaner


Aqualux Shower Blade - Glass Cleaner

So you’ve got a brand new shower enclosure in your bathroom, it looks fantastic doesn’t it? Fast forward a few weeks later and your sparkling crystal clear glass enclosure is murky and covered in soap scum. That attractive designer look you were going for has been ruined, simply because you used the shower as it was intended.

So how do we combat this? You could use a damp cloth to wipe it down, but in our experience that doesn’t leave it looking as good as it originally did. The answer comes in the form of the Aqualux Shower Blade, which will effortlessly wipe away that soap scum and limescale to leave your enclosure dazzling again.

You can even use it on tiles, car windscreens or home windows, and you don’t have to use any chemicals that can irritate your skin.


Features and Benefits:

  • Designed to wipe away dirt on both straight and curved glass.
  • Easy to use with an easy grip, contoured design.
  • To get the most out of it, use this daily after every shower to reduce the risk of limescale.
  • Integral wall attachment for holding when not in use.
  • No chemicals required.
CE Approved

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Aqualux Shower Blade - Glass Cleaner Reviews

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4.8/ 5
37 reviews
  • Sharon Christian
    5/ 5

    This is is a very well designed product, with a straight edge for flat surfaces (glass, tiles, bath edges) and a curved edge for curved edges (such as rounded glass shower screens) Both edges have a flexible membrane blade, which allows water to be removed even if the curve of the blade does not exactly match the radius of the shower screen. The straight edge also removes water from mosaic tile borders, too The end of the straight edge is great for the corners of the bath to remove water that might collect from tiled walls for example, and after use it can be hung on a wall or simply propped up ready for the next time it is needed Overall an excellent product, backed up with excellent service from Plumbworld!

  • Alden English
    5/ 5

    having just installed new walk in shower uniit I wanted to keep curved sides free from shampoo/shower gell smears, and continue with the brand new look to the shower room. This blade works a treat, even comes with a sticky hook to place onto the tiles inside the shower, so you can easily find it at the end of your shower. Pleasing design that can be also used on straight glass. Quick and easy to use after each shower, no sign of any limescale build up on glass, just sparkling clean glass!! Excellent value, would recommend any one to buy this product.

  • Bernard Matthews
    5/ 5

    Since retirement I am the chief bathroom cleaner - our old folding shower door was a pain to keep clean, and I spent ages trying to clean the water marks. then I spotted the new sail shower (one piece) door and the aqualux shower door wipe. my life has changed! I now have more time to go fishing, and the wife is really happy with the bathroom cleanliness (she's a fussy madam).

  • Mayra May
    5/ 5

    What a great device! The curve blade makes short work of cleaning the curve shower screen door and the flat blade does the large bathroom mirror. Takes 15 seconds after each shower and it stays absolutely clean and shiney. No streaks or tide marks - brilliant. It doesn't look cheap and nasty and hangs up nicely on it's special hook. Worth paying that little bit extra for.

  • Caden Curtis
    5/ 5

    I bought this at the same time as my bathscreen. It works realy well and is the only product that I have seen that can be used on curved glass. It is easy to store , being flat and looks good. it comes with a holder but this has to be stuck on the wall with self adhesive pads. A suction pad would be better for the bathroom.

  • Maxim Graves
    5/ 5

    Excellent product... a minute or so at the end of the shower and job done! The curve section is great for the curved ( as well as the straight section) glass that I have in my shower. The price and effectiveness of the product cannot be faulted. Will be buying another one for my new shower downstairs !

  • Mike Thomson
    5/ 5

    I have always wanted a curved shower blade and never been able to find one - and now we have this very useful blade with both curved and flat blades this works perfectly on our shower panels. It is also easy to hold and very light - so no damage if you do happen to drop it. Excellent shower accessory