Triton Silent Running Thermostatic Power Shower White/Chrome - AS2000SR

267 reviews

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If you’re dreaming of a truly luxurious power shower that works for all the family and doesn’t cost the world, then the Triton silent running thermostatic shower might just be the shower for you. This stunning power shower is perfect for the whole family with the safety of thermostatic temperature control, making it ideal for a busy family home.

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Thermostatic Stable Gauge

Precise temperature control

Standard showers can have hot temperature spikes when others in the house turn on taps or flush the toilet.

Thermostatic control means that this shower will hold its temperature steady at all times. It dynamically adjusts the hot and cold water offsetting the everyday changes in water pressure experienced in most family homes.


Adjustable maximum temperature stop

The Triton silent running shower comes complete with an adjustable maximum temperature stop. This clever feature allows you to choose the maximum shower temperature, therefore reducing the risk of accidental scalding.

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The only power shower certified to 'The Quiet Mark Standard'

This silent running power shower is Quiet Mark approved for its quiet pump technology. Quiet Mark is the International award programme for low-noise, high-performance technology and solutions to combat global noise pollution. The silent shower is currently the quietest shower on the market, helping make your shower experience that more relaxing without the sound of the system breaking the peace.


Pumped low pressure shower

The Triton Silent Running Power Shower is the perfect choice if you have a busy household with a low-pressure system, with the shower only requiring hot and cold-water supply from a cold-water cistern and a hot water cylinder. Even though this shower is powered from a low-pressure system, the water pressure is anything but low! Thanks to the integral pump that boosts the flow rate, enabling you to have a revitalizing shower with great power. 

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Easy clean 3 spray shower head

The super practical hand shower has rub-clean nozzles to help prevent damaging limescale build up, keeping your shower running at its best at all times. The shower head has 3 spray patterns to suit your mood, whether you need a direct flow for a revitalizing boost or a soft rain fall for a relaxing unwind. 

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Adjustable shower handset

There's nothing worse than being too tall or too short for a shower head, that's why this shower is attached to the riser rail with an adjustable holder. This allows you to move your shower head higher or lower, customising the height specific to each person who uses it! The shower head is attached to the system by a 1.5m hose which is non-twist, so you don’t have to worry about any accidental kinks or breaks.

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Easy to use controls

It couldn't be easier to get your shower going! Simply switch your shower on and off with the start/stop push button, with no need to change any temperature settings as it will remember your settings from the last shower and fire action as soon as you press the button!  

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Anti Twist Shower Hose

1.25m Anti-twist shower hose

The 1.25 metre shower hose has been designed to prevent any unwanted twists in the hose, allowing the water to run steadily at all times.

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Comes with soap dish

This wonderful Triton shower comes complete with a handy soap dish, allowing you to keep your soap or shower essentials close to hand whilst showering.

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Made in the UK

For over 45 years Triton have proudly supplied British households with expertly manufactured and rigorously tested innovative showers. Today, our name stands for the best of British design, engineering, and service to maintain the very highest levels of quality and performance to deliver a great showering experience.

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CE Marked Product

CE marked product

This product has been CE marked to ensure full compliance with BS EN 14428. This means that not only is it suitable for the UK market but it's been rigorously tested for safety.

BEAB Care Mark Product

BEAB care approved

A BEAB Care Mark approved product will guarantee a stable water temperature. It also guarantees that the user will protect from scalding if there were rapid changes in incoming water temperatures. The BEAB Care Mark can only be awarded to products that already have standard BEAB approval meaning that the product has additional safety and performance features. These features have been developed to keep in mind the care industry like hospitals, care homes and hotels.


BSI Kitemark approved

This shower has been approved by the British Standards Institution as a high quality item, giving you peace of mind knowing you're buying a reliable product.

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This shower comes with a 1 year guarantee for added peace of mind.

Product features:

  • Up to 14 litres per minute flow rate with variable flow control




Components Complete Showers
Type Power Shower
Outlets Single Outlet
Style Contemporary
Colour White
Head Type Handset
Low Pressure Suitable Yes
Combi Boiler Suitable No
High Pressure Suitable No
Mobile App Connectivity No
Amazon Alexa Connectivity No
Google Home Connectivity No
Spray Patterns 3
Water Feed Rear Wall Fed
Temperature Control Thermostatic

Triton Silent Running Thermostatic Power Shower White/Chrome - AS2000SR

£ 194.69 (Inc. VAT)

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267 Product Reviews

  • Mark Harrison
    5/ 5

    Just like one of the previous reviews, I purchased this power shower to replace an existing Triton AS2000XT that was starting to show it's age by making more noise that a sherman tank that even wild dogs would run away from, and the temperature control being more erratic than a moth around a light bulb. So after reading many reviews I opted for the AS2000SR to replace it as we live in a bungalow with very low pressure on our hot system and it seemed to be the wise thing to do. I'm not disappointed in the slightest, it was a doddle to fit as the water intake pipes and mains connections matched the old shower, the only thing I had to do was drill 4 new holes in the tiled wall. I agree that it doesn't seem as powerful as the old XT version but that may be an illusion as it's near silent. I have changed the spray head to one that has the little ceramic balls in and that's improved the feel of pressure so much so that it doesn't need to be on full power all the time. To sum up, if you're in need of a replacement power shower at a very reasonable price I don't think you can go wrong with this unit and the speed of service from Plumbworld is excellent.

  • Martin Williams
    5/ 5

    I had an earlier version of this shower which developed a fault and kept tripping the electric. It lasted about 5 years of twice or more daily use. This one is a little larger in size, but I like the changes they've made to the design, especially with regards to fitting. It's now much easier to get the pipework slotted in as the back of the shower (the bit that faces the wall) essentially has the top right quarter cut away. It's in its operation that it impresses me most. This shower is so quiet! It also has a dial on the front to adjust the speed of the pump, which also serves to reduce its volume. That said, it is so quiet that you barely hear it outside of the bathroom. We have a relatively new build, so hollow partition walls everywhere. The old one reverberated around the entire house. This one you can barely hear in the room next-door.

  • Don
    5/ 5

    Needed a replacement power shower as our previous Galaxy power shower eventually failed. The Triton seemed the best replacement type for size and to meet our existing gravity fed H & C supply. The existing pipework meant the internal connections had to be swivelled through 180 and the orginal pipework can just be seen outside of the outer casing of the new Triton shower but is hardly noticeable. The new Triton is extremely quiet compared to the old shower, which leading up to it's failure got very noisy. Good delivery of water and pressure from the Triton. The safety temperature dial at the click position is a bit too cool for my preference but is easily set by pressing the safety button and turning the selector dial nearer to the hot setting. Maybe the fixed setting is low? - possibly between 30 - 35. I'm happy to recommend this shower though.

  • Paul Rayson
    5/ 5

    Purchased this to replace the older version (AS2000X), which had always sounded pretty loud, but after 4 years of use was struggling with maintaining a constant temperature, and sounded like Concorde! Easy swap, probably took me a half-hour (though I did use to install showers long ago) - main point is that it's a direct replacement, you will need to drill new mounting holes, but pipe and cable entries the same. The new unit is far, far quieter than the old one, and is a vast improvement. Maybe not quite as powerful, but unless you like to be bruised when you get out of the shower, not a biggy (in my view). I would say the newer version is not as nice to look at as the old one, but that's far outweighed by it being so quite. You're less likely to wake everyone in your house (and maybe neighbourhood) when you use it :-)

  • James Tupper
    5/ 5

    This is the third or fourth power shower we've had in our en suite over the past twenty plus years. This one is heaven; with a strong quiet flow and reliable temperature. The on/off button eliminates any need for re-tweaking settings. Having installed this one myself I'm now familiar with the commissioning process so in future, when the water supply has had to be drained for any reason, I'll now prime the pump properly to avoid cavitation. I'm hoping this will increase its life and I'll not need to replace it any time soon.

  • CIG
    5/ 5

    I purchased this shower to replace an older and worn out (Triton) model. My reason for choosing it was its easy DIY installation. After isolating the power, hot and the cold-water supplies. I removed the old shower. Unfortunately, I had to drill and plug new mounting holes for the new model. But the push fit plumbing and just the three wires to be inserted into the power block, made the installation easy. It took me less than an hour. I highly recommend it as a very quiet replacement for an old Triton.

  • Terry Trayton
    5/ 5

    After retiring my old trusty Triton AS2000XT for one of these silent running power shower units I was a little unsure as to whether I had made the right decision but I have to say I have no regrets. It is so quiet after the older model and it's a pleasure to use. The pressure doesn't seem quite as high but make no mistake, it still packs a punch. The fittings aren't in the same position as the AS2000XT which was a little disappointing but that's a minor detail and I soon had this one set up.

  • Martin
    5/ 5

    Purchased this shower as the New Team 2000 power shower that must have been at least 20+ years old finally gave up the ghost. Slightly apprehensive that it could give a good flow rate and be quiet, given that we have a gravity feed water supply, but I am totally amazed at how well it operates and how silent it actually is (compared to the NT2000 which sounded like an angry diesel train) I guess time will tell but looks and works great - Very satisfied with the purchase and delivery.

  • Nat
    5/ 5

    So I’ve waited over a month to review this product as I wasn’t happy at all. I’ve been showering literally by standing right under the shower head as the flow was very very low compared to my previous Triton shower. It finally clicked that the flow control wasn’t working...well when I say not working, it hadn’t been commissioned properly! I’m so so happy now as that issue has been fitted by the installer! Great shower replacement for my AS2000xt

  • Peter Reed
    5/ 5

    Our old Triton power shower was becoming tired, time for an update. Bought this as a direct replacement and it was advertised as near silent running. Installs fine - no major problems, just had to drill 2 extra fixing holes which didn't line up with the old ones. Commissioned using enclosed intructions and hey presto, superb power shower again and very quiet indeed. Great product, best price on the internet via Plumbworld very pleased indeed.

  • Zoë Donaldson
    5/ 5

    This was a replacement for an earlier Triton thermostatic shower, which turns out it didn't need replacing after all! However, I'm really glad we did as this is overall a far better shower. Okay, the water pressure doesn't go as high as the previous one but I never had it gushing out anyway. It's not quite silent but is a world away from the noise of our old one, and it looks so much better on the wall than the previous one.

  • Lesley Foster
    5/ 5

    We got it as a replacement for another Triton one. We must have had it more than fifteen years! The new one fitted into the space perfectly so no extra tiling. Although it is deeper than the old one. It's looks great and fitting was relatively straightward. In use it is great and i am so pleased. I wanted another Triton because of the the last one. There is a hum but you expect some sound! Delivery was great also.

  • Steve Woods
    5/ 5

    This was the closest matched replacement for my faulty Galaxy shower, it a very good sleek shower with a reasonable water rate. 2 point to note: 1) If use top entry pipe then the hot and cold pipes need to be switched as the units water outlets are on a swivel plate. 2) There is a bit switch that need setting to operate the shower correctly when commissioning. The price was good and delivery’s very prompt.

  • john
    5/ 5

    replaced a noisy pump with this silent runner. simple electrics (3amp) make this an easy install and its very effective and amazingly quiet. Doesn't need a great deal of pressure. Removing old shower fittings was the hard part. Fitting this in a new shower installation would be a doddle. Just annoyed I didn't do it sooner. Long guarantee as well though with no water heater expect a long life anyway.

  • Gareth a very happy plumber
    5/ 5

    This shower tops all other pumped showers I have ever fitted, it's easy to install due to the rotation cold and hot feed and more importantly its very quiet shhhhhhhhhhh!!! My client is over the moon with this shower, her only complaint is she now doesn't know how long the kids are taking a shower for lol Do not judge this power shower by the older Triton units it trumps them in so many ways.

  • Ian
    5/ 5

    Replaced an old Triton shower, which had very noisy worn out pump bearings. I did get that sinking feeling when the new pump was first switched on and it was so quiet I thought the power wasn't connected. The noisiest thing is the water hitting the shower base! If you turn up the pump speed, it does get a bit noisier, but it is a vast improvement on the previous designs. Very pleased with it.

  • Anthony Beckwith
    5/ 5

    this is a nice looking very quiet thermostatic power shower, its easy to use as its push button start/stop and you turn a dial to change the temperature and another dial to change the power of the water flow. I couldn't believe how much quieter it was compared to my previous power showers you can hardly hear it running. So if u want a nice looking very quiet power shower I recommend this one.

  • Alan Hibberd
    5/ 5

    Bought this to replace previous Triton shower which packed up. This one was easy to fit with existing plumbing although I did have to drill new mounting holes for the case. Works very well with a nice strong adjustable flow and stable heat control. Very quiet operation compared to 10 year old one it replaced, so all in all very happy. Good price and quick delivery from Plumbworld too!

  • Chrissie
    5/ 5

    I chose this shower after my previous mira power shower packed up. It was pretty simple to fit, and the shower is really good. The temperature control is really fine tuned and the power produced is really powerful. The 5 settings shower head is really nice and you have settings varying from gentle, to concentrated power. It's really easy to switch between the settings too.

  • Tony.
    5/ 5

    Compared to all previous power showers i've fitted this is by far the quietest. The ability to rotate the incoming water connection unit is well thought out as is the safety feature for disabling the pump to purge any air out when first starting up, had to remember though to deactivate the micro switch otherwise the pump will remain off, all in all well recommended.