Triton Water Heaters

Hot water convenience with Triton

The Triton T30i Handwash units are an over sink instant water heater and are simple to install and maintain. They provide sufficient hot water for hand-washing in running water. The Triton T30I Handwash unit is ideal for a utility room in your home, or even a shed, as well as commercial applications where washing your hands is a crucial part of the job. The compact size makes these perfect for fitting into places where space is at a minimum and a regular tap and sink setup simply isn’t viable. These are simple to control with a single control for Start/Stop and temperature selection and feature a long swivel arm for flexibility when washing and a single control for ease of operation. And these Triton water heaters are easy to maintain easily affordable too. We have two options available on this unit, 3kW and a 7kW version to match the most common domestic and commercial hand washing requirements.

  1. Triton T30i Hand Wash Unit 3kW

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    Triton T30i Hand Wash Unit 3kW

  2. Triton T30i Hand Wash Unit 7kW