Gas Fires

All modern gas fires emit zero smoke and any waste gases are vented to the outside using a flue that goes through the wall. They will usually consist of “logs” covered in small gas vents which don’t actually burn but still provide convected and radiant heat just like a traditional open fire. Gas fires like this is a great way to reduce your heating bill by switching off your homes standard hot water heating and only warming the room that you and your family spend the majority of time in. They’re easy to install when compared to traditional fires too because you won’t need to include a full-sized chimney in your installation, not unless you’ve got one already in which case a gas fire can make things more efficient for you. Most gas fires are easy to use and require none to little maintenance. They’re available in an array of styles and installation types with multiple ways of operating them too.

  1. inset-gas-fires

    Inset Gas Fires

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  2. outset-gas-fires

    Outset Gas Fires

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  3. hole-in-the-wall-gas-fires

    Hole In The Wall Gas Fires

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    Balanced Flue Gas Fires

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    Crystal Gas Fires

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    Flavel Gas Fires

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    Legend Gas Fires

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    Robinson Willey Gas Fires

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    Valor Gas Fires

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