Black Radiator Covers

Black radiator covers are the ideal way of turning something quite ordinary like a panel radiator into something that’s not only practical but absolutely beautiful. Radiator covers in general are there to serve a purpose - to hide unsightly radiators and to stop small children or pets from hurting themselves on hot surfaces like the pipework. Our black radiator covers are this and more thanks to several clever features.

Each black radiator cover is equipped with one, two, or three integrated drawers. These discreetly blend into the covers and give you valuable extra storage space for household essentials. You’ll also get the added benefit of a shelf on top for placing photos or other decorations.

Within our black cover collection, you’ll have a choice of a full black cover or black with a contrasting cream rattan panel. Each is available in small, medium, or large sizes, so you can ensure a perfect match around your home.

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