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Electric Stoves

Electric stoves may not seem the ideal choice for adding extra heating to your living space but they’re actually a lot more practical and efficient than you might think. They’re usually made from the exact same materials that wood burning or gas stoves are made from so you get the same high-quality look and feel. Electric stoves are also available in numbers shapes, sizes and finishes, possibly more than a traditional stove. They come with full on flame effects so you get the same cosy feeling, plus all the same heat with adjustable temperature settings to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. Lastly, and possibly the biggest benefit is that all you need is a plug socket. There’s no flue required and certainly no chimney so it’s a case of fit it and start warming up!

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    Traditional Electric Stoves

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    Freestanding Electric Stoves

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  6. Dimplex Brayford Log Effect Electric Stove - BFD20N

  7. Dimplex Springborne Remote Coal Effect Electric Stove - SBN20E

  8. Dimplex Tango Coal Effect Remote Electric Stove Black - TNG20E

  9. Dimplex Club Log Effect Electric Stove FSC - CLB20E

  10. Dimplex Courchevel White Log Effect Electric Stove 2kW - CVL20E

  11. Be Modern Banbury Inset Electric Stove 16in Anthracite - 133744

  12. Dimplex Chevalier Log Effect Electric Stove - CHV20N

  13. Dimplex Stockbridge Coal Effect Remote Electric Stove Black - SKG20BL

  14. Celsi Electristove XD Metal 1 Electric Stove

  15. Celsi Electristove XD Glass 1 Electric Stove

  16. ACR Malvern Electric Stove - E-MAL1

  17. Celsi Electristove XD Metal 2 Electric Stove

  18. Celsi Electristove XD Glass 2 Electric Stove

  19. Be Modern Ravensdale 42in Electric Fire - Country Oak top, Surround & Hearth - 150738

  20. Be Modern Broseley Canterbury Coal Effect Electric Stove Black - ECAN

  21. ACR Astwood Electric Stove - E-AW1

  22. Be Modern Broseley Lincoln Coal Effect Electric Stove Black - ELINCCAST

  23. Be Modern Broseley Hereford 5 Coal Effect Electric Stove Black - EHEREFORD5

  24. Celsi Electristove VR Arundel Electric Stove Black - CEVRSARE

  25. Celsi Electristove VR Luxima Electric Stove Black - CEVRSLRE

  26. ACR NEO 3F with Side Glass Electric Stove - E-NEO3F

  27. Celsi Electristove VR Rochester Electric Stove Black - CEVRSRRE

  28. ACR NEO 3F with Side Glass and Glass Top Plate Electric Stove - ACR009

  29. ACR NEO 3F with Side Glass and Glass Rectangular Hearth Electric Stove - ACR012

  30. ACR NEO 3F with Side Glass and Glass Corner Hearth Electric Stove - ACR011

  31. ACR NEO 3C with Side Glass and Log Store Electric Stove - E-NEO3C

  32. ACR NEO 3C with Side Glass, Log Store and Flue Kit Electric Stove - ACR010

  33. Oak Stoves Black Serenita Grand Freestanding Electric Stove 2kW - SERENITAEGW

  34. Oak Stoves Black Serenita Compact Freestanding Electric Stove 2kW - SERENITAECW

  35. Oak-Stoves-Serenita-Pedestal-Electric-Stove-2kW-SERENITAEPW

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    Oak Stoves Black Serenita Pedestal Freestanding Electric Stove 2kW - SERENITAEPW

  36. Oak Stoves Black Spa Grand Freestanding Electric Stove 2kW - SPAEGW

  37. Oak Stoves Black Drifter Compact Freestanding Electric Stove 2kW - DRIFTERECW

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Benefits of Electric Stoves

There’s nothing better than putting your feet up in front of a cosy lit fire, setting a relaxing ambiance in your room and watching the dancing flames in the viewing window. A stove creates a stunning feature in a room, creating a focal point that everyone can comfortably gather around. If you haven’t got a chimney and don’t fancy the upkeep of a gas stove, then an electric stove is a fantastic alternative, so keep reading and we will highlight the many reasons why!



Easy to install

Firstly, electric stoves are super easy to install as you can place an electric stove anywhere in your home as long as you have an available wall plug!

You don’t need a chimney because there isn’t anything harmful to funnel away so installation can be done almost anywhere you’d like, but If you have a chimney breast feature then you can create an authentic look by placing your electric stove inside.


Innovative flame effect technology

Just because electric stoves don’t produce a ‘real flame’ doesn’t meant it won’t look authentic! With clever LED technology you get a truly fantastic 3D holographic flame projection which looks just like a real wood burning stoveWith many electric stoves having different flame settings (e.g high flame, medium flame, low flame and glowing embers) you've got a mode for every mood, allowing you to choose how you want your fire to look inside your stove, even by changing the colour!

Flame projection technology creates a flame illusion at the front, centre and rear of the fire’s fuel bed, giving an ultra-realistic log fire effect, all without having to stock and maintain a log fire. 




The fantastic thing about having an electric stove is that they are extremely efficient as you don’t lose any wasted heat up your chimney. Electric stoves have an average heat output of 1kW-2kW, filling your room with 100% of the cosy heat produced.



Flame only setting

Many electric stoves have a clever feature where you can turn on the flame technology without any heat output. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the view of your electric stove giving you the cosy ambience without any unnecessary heat, allowing you to make the most of your electric stove all year round. 



If you love the look of a traditional wood burning stove but don’t want the up keep, then an electric stove is the perfect alternative. With realistic log, coal and crystal ember beds and both modern and traditional designs, you can choose which style of stove will suit your room the best. Electric stoves are constructed from the same quality materials as a wood burning stove, so you still get the stunning aesthetics but without the maintenance!




Instant heat with easy control

When it’s a bit chilly you don’t want to be messing around with putting logs into your stove, lighting them and waiting for the flame to grow, you want instant heat! Electric fires give you just that, with a flick of a switch your stove will come to life and start filling your room with fantastic heat almost instantly. No more waiting around under a blanket, an electric stove will keep you cosy and warm with minimal waiting time, allowing you to get snug and relaxed much quicker on those cold mornings and nights!

Even better yet, if you’re already comfy on your sofa but want to turn on your stove for a bit of extra heat, then many electric stoves come with a remote control so you can control your stove from the comfort of your sofa.


Safer for families

It goes without saying that real fires always have a safety hazard, so with an electric fire there are no worries about any accidents or burns from the fire as the imitation flames are harmless. If you have a family with young children, this is especially important as we all know how they love to touch and open everything! Although the unit itself may get hot to the touch, you don’t have to worry about accidental fires.


Low maintenance

Electric stoves are super easy to clean as they don’t produce any bi-products such as stubborn ash and soot, which means they require little to no maintenance! Thanks to the fact there is no need for a chimney or a flue, you don’t need to get your chimney swept and your stove routinely safety checked.

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So to summarise...

If you're wanting an eye-catching feature of a wood burning stove in your home but don't want the hassle and the maintenance, then an electric stove gives you all of the aesthetics and efficient heat output without the up keep. Better yet, the clever flame technology enables you to personalise your stove and allows you to use your electric stove all year round.

Available in many different styles and designs, we're sure you'll find the perfect electric stove for your home.