Electric Stoves

Electric stoves may not seem the ideal choice for adding extra heating to your living space but they’re actually a lot more practical and efficient than you might think. They’re usually made from the exact same materials that wood burning or gas stoves are made from so you get the same high-quality look and feel. Electric stoves are also available in numbers shapes, sizes and finishes, possibly more than a traditional stove. They come with full on flame effects so you get the same cosy feeling, plus all the same heat with adjustable temperature settings to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. Lastly, and possibly the biggest benefit is that all you need is a plug socket. There’s no flue required and certainly no chimney so it’s a case of fit it and start warming up!

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    Traditional Electric Stoves

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    From £148.13
  2. modern-electric-stoves

    Modern Electric Stoves

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    From £359.99
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    Freestanding Electric Stoves

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    Inset Electric Stoves

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