Oil Filled Radiators

You may want to know why oil filled radiators are good enough to heat your home. The answer is simple. They’re versatile, easy to use, and far more efficient to run than a traditional panel radiator. An oil filled heater offers precision control over temperature and because of their fantastic heat retention, you’ll see a drastic improvement in efficiency. Oil filled radiators are much faster to heat up than standard radiators as the oil cools much slower, giving you a warmer surface for longer, even after you’ve turned your oil radiator off. They also act as a brilliant back up should you have issues with your central heating system, so you won’t be left shivering in the cold again. They’re far safer than other portable heaters too, ensuring you won’t need to worry about fire risks should you leave your oil filled heater on overnight.

Even after you’ve switched an oil heater off, the residual heat will still continue to warm your home, so you can stay nice and warm for even longer! The beauty of an oil filled heater is the clever engineering. By heating up the fluid or oil inside, oil heaters are specifically designed for high heat transfer. By offering a higher heat transfer, a clever oil radiator not only heat up your home for longer, they can also save you money along the way!

Here at Plumbworld, we offer a selection of wall mounted oil filled radiators for you to choose from, with many of these electric oil radiators boasting smart features too, so you’re sure to not only find the perfect oil radiator to suit your home’s décor, but you can also bring your home into the modern era. A smart oil filled radiator can offer a range of innovative features, including smart WiFi connection, so you can easily control your oil heater from the palm of your hand. 

Discover our full range of oil filled radiators below. 

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