Electric Fires

For total flexibility in heating your home, you need to invest in electric fireplaces. Their advantages are endless, and they could certainly save you money on your heating bills throughout the winter.

A greener option when compared with traditional wood-burning fires or gas fires, electric fires come in just as many modern or classic designs. Put simply, electric fires use a heating element to warm cool air from the room but look just like an ordinary fire. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about venting harmful gases out of the house using a chimney or a flue.

Electric fires draw in the cool air, pass it through the heating element and then gently push it back out into the room via a fan. Some even benefit from a living flame effect, so you can have all of the joys of a crackling fire but without the heat and the wasted energy.

Discover the perfect electric fire for your home today at Plumbworld...

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    Wall Mounted Electric Fires

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    Inset Electric Fires

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  4. adam-helios-brushed-steel-electric-fire-2

    Adam Helios Brushed Steel Electric Fire - 2

  5. sureflame-wm-9334-26-inch-remote-control-black-electric-wall-mounted-fire-23621

    Sureflame WM-9334 26 inch Remote Control black Electric Wall Mounted Fire - 23621

  6. adam-colorado-black-electric-fire-10183

    Adam Colorado Black Electric Fire - 10183

  7. adam-colorado-brushed-steel-electric-fire-10212

    Adam Colorado Brushed Steel Electric Fire - 10212

  8. adam-blenheim-black-electric-fire-11263

    Adam Blenheim Black Electric Fire - 11263

  9. adam-cambridge-6-in-1-with-interchangeable-trims-and-fuel-bed-remote-control-electric-fire-20431

    Adam Cambridge 6-In-1 With Interchangeable Trims and Fuel Bed Electric Fire - 20431

  10. celsi-electriflame-xd-1100-wall-mounted-electric-fire-black-glass

    Celsi Electriflame XD 1100 Wall Mounted Electric Fire Black Glass

  11. celsi-ultiflame-vr-frontier-inset-electric-fire-silver-black

    Celsi Ultiflame VR Frontier Inset Electric Fire Silver & Black

  12. celsi-ultiflame-vr-celena-inset-electric-fire-engine-only

    Celsi Ultiflame VR Celena Inset Electric Fire - CEUL22REERP

  13. celsi-electriflame-vr-parrilla-inset-electric-fire-satin-silver

    Celsi Electriflame VR Parrilla Inset Electric Fire Satin Silver

  14. celsi-ultiflame-arcadia-inset-electric-fire-silver

    Celsi Ultiflame Arcadia Inset Electric Fire Silver

  15. celsi-electriflame-xd-1300-wall-mounted-electric-fire-black-glass

    Celsi Electriflame XD 1300 Wall Mounted Electric Fire Black Glass

  16. celsi-electriflame-vr-parrilla-inset-electric-fire-champagne

    Celsi Electriflame VR Parrilla Inset Electric Fire Champagne

    Was £ 769.98

    Save 7%

    £ 718.01

    In Stock
  17. celsi-electriflame-vr-acero-inset-electric-fire-chrome-black

    Celsi Electriflame VR Acero Inset Electric Fire Chrome & Black

    Was £ 769.98

    Save 7%

    £ 718.01

    In Stock
  18. celsi-ultiflame-vr-elite-inset-electric-fire-engine-only

    Celsi Ultiflame VR Elite Inset Electric Fire - CEUL33REERP

  19. celsi-electriflame-xd-1100-wall-mounted-electric-fire-travertine

    Celsi Electriflame XD 1100 Wall Mounted Electric Fire Travertine

  20. celsi-electriflame-vr-commodus-inset-electric-fire

    Best Seller!

    Celsi Electriflame VR Commodus Inset Electric Fire

  21. celsi-ultiflame-metz-33-inch-inset-wall-mounted-electric-fire-black

    Celsi Ultiflame Metz 33 Inch Inset Wall Mounted Electric Fire Black

  22. celsi-electriflame-xd-1100-wall-mounted-royal-botticino-electric-fire

    Celsi Electriflame XD 1100 Wall Mounted Royal Botticino Electric Fire

  23. celsi-electriflame-basilica-wall-mounted-electric-fire-satin-silver

    Celsi Electriflame Basilica Wall Mounted Electric Fire Satin Silver

  24. celsi-electriflame-vr-1100-wall-mounted-electric-fire

    Celsi Electriflame VR 1100 Wall Mounted Electric Fire

    Was £ 1794.94

    Save 16%

    £ 1511.32

    In Stock
  25. sureflame-wm-9331-42-inch-remote-control-black-electric-wall-mounted-fire-23627

    Sureflame WM-9331 42 inch Remote Control black Electric Wall Mounted Fire - 23627

    £ 243.18

    Extended Lead Time, 2 Weeks+
  26. suncrest-38-santos-remote-control-electric-fire-san105

    Suncrest 38" Santos Remote Control Electric Fire - SAN105

    Was £ 283.94

    Save 10%

    £ 255.94

    8 - 9 Days From Order
  27. suncrest-sonar-black-wall-mounted-2kw-electric-fire

    Suncrest Sonar Black Wall Mounted 2kW Electric Fire

  28. celsi-electriflame-basilica-wall-mounted-electric-fire-champagne

    Celsi Electriflame Basilica Wall Mounted Electric Fire Champagne