Electric Fires

For total flexibility in heating your home you need an electric fireplace. Their advantages are endless and they could certainly save you money on your heating bills throughout the winter. They’re a greener option when compared with traditional wood burning fires or gas fires and come in just as many modern or classic designs. Put simply, electric fires use a heating element to warm cool air from the room but look just like an ordinary fire. Plus, you don’t have the worry of having to vent any harmful gases out of the house using a chimney or a flue. They draw in the cool air, pass it through the heating element and then gentle push it back out into the room using a fan. Some even benefit from a living flame effect so you can have all of the joys of a crackling fire but without the heat and the wasted energy!

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    Wall Mounted Electric Fires

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    Hearth Mounted Electric Fires

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    Electric Stoves

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    Dimplex Electric Fires

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    Be Modern Electric Fires

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    Inset Electric Fires

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