Room Thermostats

If you’re looking for a way to control the heating in your home, look no further than our range of room thermostats. Specifically designed to ensure accurate control of your heating, these small but mighty thermostats are the perfect addition to any home. These nifty devices are ideal if you’re looking for a way to lower your energy bills, as the room thermostats will only turn your boiler on when it’s necessary to do so, adjusting accordingly with the temperature of your room.

A room thermostat, otherwise known as a central heating thermostat, allows you to adjust your heating more easily and quickly. This ensures you can heat the room exactly to your liking and even save energy at the same time!

With a staggering 82% of our home’s energy being consumed by heating and hot water, it’s clear to see that finding a way to reduce our energy consumption can be a priority. That’s where room thermostats come in. Room thermostats boast a range of features that are perfect for reducing the heating in your home, including convenient timers, so your heating will only turn on and off at certain times in the day. What’s more, a range of our room thermostats go a step further, knowing exactly how long your property takes to heat up, and therefore activating precisely when it needs to.

Here at Plumbworld, we offer a range of room thermostats and hot water kits for you to choose from, each offering unique features and benefits to help heat your home more efficiently. A selection of our room thermostats even offer features to get you one step closer to a smart home. Boasting a convenient WiFi connection, you can easily control your room thermostat in the palm of your hand!

Choose between standard room thermostats and smart room thermostats below.

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Honeywell Evohome WiFi Connected Thermostat Pack
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Honeywell Home
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Honeywell Home Evohome Hot Water Kit
Honeywell Home
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