Insinkerator HC1100 Boiling Water Tap with NeoTank & NeoChiller - Curved Chrome

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Quick and efficient boiling water and filtered cold water

Bring the coffee shop home with you, with the Insinkerator Steaming Hot Water Tank. With this high-performance tank, you can now get on-demand hot water, meaning that you can have a cup of tea or coffee at any time of the day. Not only that, but this clever tap also delivers filtered cold and boiling water, giving you the cleanest-tasting drink every time.

One handle controls your filtered instant boiling water, and the other controls your filtered cold water- simple as that!

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Filtered cold and boiling water for a cleaner taste

As well as standard hot and cold water you get filtered cold water too. It’s controlled with a simple touch button and provides you with crisp, cold water on demand. It tastes great because impurities, limescale, and even hardness is filtered out so you’re left with nothing but the best drinking water.

Forget that tedious wait for the kettle to boil with this hot water tap. Simple to use lever provides you with steaming hot water almost immediately meaning simple kitchen tasks can be accomplished without any delays. You can even set your preferred temperature between 88 and 99 degrees so the perfect cup of tea or coffee is always just a moment away.


Cheaper than boiling a kettle

According to N Power, the average cost to boil a full kettle is 2.5p whilst with a boiling water tap the costs are significantly lower, at as little as 1p per litre. With a boiling water tap you can get instant access to the exact amount of hot water you need, so you don’t waste electricity or water. Also, the filter does not need to be changed as often as a standard water filter jug, reducing the amount of waste.

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Instant filtered boiling water for hot drinks and cooking

The instant boiling water feature is perfect for not only quickly making hot drinks but also for filling pots and pans ready for cooking too, saving you important cooking and prep time.

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Long-life filter with two-stage filtration

Water is first passed through a calcium filter to remove any limescale or calcium before it even enters the tank. Once inside the tank, the water goes through a carbon filter which removes 99% of natural waterborne contaminations such as bacteria, metal contaminants, micro debris contaminants, and even chlorine.

It is recommended that you change your water filter every 6 months.

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Compact under sink boiling water tank with digital screen

The state-of-the-art InSinkErator NeoTank hot water tanks are seriously clever stuff. They're compact yet powerful, providing you with all your hot water needs whilst fitting easily in the cupboard underneath your kitchen sink. Forget refilling your kettle on a daily basis with the fantastic stainless steel 2.5L capacity tank. The large capacity tank allows for around 12 cups of tea per use, making this the perfect option for even the most avid tea drinkers!

This tank can produce steaming hot water at 99C on demand. That being said we don’t all like to drink our teas or coffees this hot which is why the adjustable digital dial allows you to choose any temperature between 88 and 99 degrees. It’ll then maintain this precise temperature until you’ve made your drink.

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Compact 2L water chiller

The Insinkerator NeoChiller is a compact water chiller unit that can be installed discreetly beneath your worktop. It takes water from the mains supply and filters it to remove impurities for a fresh, pure taste. It even cools the water to the perfect drinking temperature so you can drink it straight from the tap.

These brilliant units can store a whopping 2 litres of chilled water that you can dispense from your tap any time you'd like. That's nearly four full pints of water! The tank can dispense up to 7 litres of cold still water in a single hour. It can also do a huge 3 litres of water continuously should you need it to, producing each litre in just 40 seconds!


Ice-bank cooling technology

The NeoChiller uses ice-bank cooling technology for optimum performance. This delivers water at the temperature you want (between 3 and 10°C) straight out the tap. This is based on a 20°C incoming water temperature.


Quiet operation

The tank is manufactured using the very latest technologies to ensure the quietest operation. It really is the only way to create a fuss-free and silent boiling process.


Safety spring lock

When you’re dealing with water as hot as this it’s important that safety for all users is considered. A safety spring lock on the steaming hot water lever means it turns straight off as soon as it’s released, reducing water usage and the possibility of accidental scolding. An extremely fine flow is also used to prevent spitting and spraying of any hot water.

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Suitable for high pressure systems 

Built primarily for high water pressure systems, this tap is beautifully crafted. It's built specifically to function flawlessly on systems with a minimum pressure of 1.7 bar and a maximum pressure of 8.6 bar.

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Insinkerator Hot Tap Guarantee

5 year tap guarantee

You want peace of mind when buying such a permanent feature which is why we cover the hot tap with a brilliant 5 year guarantee and the hot tank with an fantastic 2 year guarantee. 

Insinkerator Hot Tap Filter

Includes a filter

You will need a filter for the tank to keep the water as a fresh and clean as possible. These filters remove any impurities so anything you’re using it for tastes great. We do include a filter so you won’t need to source one until a replacement is needed.

Insinkerator Hot Tap Tool Free

Tool-free tank connections

Installation isn’t just easy, it’s a total breeze! The tap fits just like a regular kitchen tap and the tank is even easier to fit. No tools are needed, simply connect it up and you’re ready to go!


The maximum pressure of water entering the NeoChiller must not be more than 3 Bar/43.5psi.

Insinkerator HC1100 Boiling Water Tap with NeoTank & NeoChiller - Curved Chrome Video


Technical Drawings



Insinkerator HC1100 Boiling Water Tap with NeoTank & NeoChiller - Curved Chrome Specifications
Tap Type Boiling Water Kitchen Tap
Use Kitchen Sink
Style Modern - Round
Colour Chrome
Tap Control Twin Lever
Spout Swivel
Tap Holes Required 1
Fitting Deck Mounted
Pressure Suitability High (1 bar+)
Material Brass
Boiling Water Tap Type 2-in-1 Boiling Hot & Filtered Cold
Range HC1100

Insinkerator HC1100 Boiling Water Tap with NeoTank & NeoChiller - Curved Chrome


£969.59 (Inc. VAT)

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INSHC1100B4 Whats Included

  • 1 x Insinkerator HC1100 Kitchen Tap for Boiling Hot & Filtered Cold Water - Chrome Finish
  • 1 x Insinkerator 45528-ISE NeoChiller Cold Water Chiller
  • 1 x Insinkerator 45094 Boiling Hot Neo Water Tank
  • 1 x Insinkerator Filter

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    Mark Allen
    5/ 5

    Easy to install, great for hot and chilled water. I would recommend especially at this price point. Other Chilled taps add in sparkling water if you want chilled and we didn't want that.

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