Drainer Baskets

Keep On Top Of Your Washing Up With Hardwearing Drainer Baskets

Drainer Baskets are a fantastic addition to any kitchen countertop, providing extra space for drying your cutlery and in some cases your plates as well. They come fitted with small grippy feet which won’t mark your surfaces but will hold the basket in firmly in place. White or stainless steel finishes plus round or square designs are available to match your other kitchen accessories.

  1. Reginox Square Chrome Plated Wire Basket - CWB 10

  2. Reginox Rectangular Chrome Plated Wire Basket - CWB 15

  3. Reginox White Round Wire Basket - R1090

  4. Reginox Small Plate Rack - GPR01

  5. Reginox Chrome Plated Draining Rack - CBD 1

  6. Reginox Wire Bottom Plate - GBP01

  7. Reginox Large Rectangular Wire Basket - GSSB02

  8. reginox-white-ceramic-drainer-for-use-with-belfast-sink

    Best Seller!

    Reginox White Ceramic Drainer For Use With Belfast Sink

  9. Reginox Rectangular Wire Basket - R1190

  10. Reginox Miami 50x40 Copper Bottom Plate - R 3008 50X40 COPP BP

  11. Reginox Miami 50x40 Gunmetal Bottom Plate - R 3007 50X40 GUNM BP

  12. Reginox Miami 40x40 Gold Bottom Plate - R 3006 40X40 GOLD BP

  13. Reginox Miami 40x40 Copper Bottom Plate - R 3005 40X40 COPP BP

  14. Reginox Miami 40x40 Gunmetal Bottom Plate- R 3004 40X40 GUNM BP

  15. Reginox Miami 50x40 Gold Bottom Plate - R 3009 50X40 GOLD BP