Stuart Turner Monsoon 3.0 Bar Twin Impeller Universal Shower Pump - 46410

Stuart Turner Monsoon 3.0 Bar Twin Impeller Universal Shower Pump - 46410

71 reviews

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Monsoon's universal pumps remove the guesswork from pump selection. Fully automatic, they will function under both positive and negative head conditions and are suitable for installation into an open vented hot and cold water system. Universal Monsoon pumps do not require a gravity flow of water to start.

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Stuart Turner Shower Mate The UK's Quietest Shower Pump


The UK’s Quietest Shower Pumps

Actual comparative tests under laboratory conditions confirm that Stuart Turner manufactures the quietest peripheral (regenerative) shower pump available.

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Stuart Turner Showermate EPDM PTFE Aluminium Oxide Seals

EPDM/PTFE/Aluminium Oxide Seals

PTFE and Aluminium Oxide seal materials provide the most reliable sealing solution available, reducing risk of pump leakage and resulting water damage to the home while the use of PTFE (Teflon) also reduces the chances of the seal sticking when a pump is not used for periods of time.

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Stuart Turner Showermate Continuously Rated Motor

Continuously Rated Motor

Continuously rated shower pumps effectively run until the user turns it off. This is particularly good in a family home where the shower needs to be used frequently throughout the morning or evening. A pump that isn’t continuously rated will turn itself off to allow the pump to cool, potentially causing issues with water pressure to the shower.

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Twin Impeller Shower Pump

Twin pumps are designed using the highest standard of technology to boost your water pressure of both hot and cold water supply to a single shower, bath, shower mixer or mixer tap. Put a stop to low water pressure with this pump. It is perfect for transforming your unsatisfactory shower into a powerful and invigorating shower that you'll never want to leave.

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Universal Pump

This universal pump is suitable for use with both a positive or negative head. It boosts water pressure for gravity fed hot water systems, giving you the perfect shower each and every day.

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Stuart Turner Showermate Dry Run Protection


Dry Run Protection

Dry run protection is really important for the wellbeing of your shower pump. Bearings and other internal parts may get seriously damaged if there is a blockage or a drop in pressure causing the pump to run dry.

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Stuart Turner Showermate Flow Switch Sensitivity


Flow Switch Sensitivity

An automatic flow switch is crucial to have the shower running when it needs to be. When flow exceeds 0.8 litres per minute the pump automatically starts, delivering that powerful flow that it’s there for.

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Brass Construction

Brass Construction

Built to perfection, this shower pump features durable and robust brass construction. This ensures that your shower pump is running as smoothly as possible, even after many years of use, making you a very happy customer indeed.

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WRAS Approved Stuart Turner Product

WRAS Approved for quality

If you’re buying any sort of water fitting or product then it’s important that its WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved. It’s the best way to work out if that particular product or part complies with the UK requirements for installation within the UK.

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5 Year Guarantee

5-year guarantee

High-quality parts and precision engineering put these products together and we want you to be confident of that, so to put your mind at ease we cover you with a 5-year long guarantee.

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Flexible hoses included

This shower pump comes complete with four flexible hoses, which are used to link your shower pump to both incoming and outgoing water pipes. These flexible hoses are anti-vibration which means the hoses are less prone to vibration from the pump, helping to reduce noise and prevent damage to the pump itself.

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CE Approved Stuart Turner Approved Retailer

Stuart Turner Monsoon 3.0 Bar Twin Impeller Universal Shower Pump - 46410 Video


UK Manufacturing Heritage
Over 110 years of engineering excellence.
Operates from the same site in Henley-on-Thames where the company started in 1906.
A contributory member of the BPMA (British Pump Manufacturers Association).
The UK’s market leading manufacturer of shower pumps for over 40 years.


Continually Evolving and Innovating
Continual investment in research and development ensures Stuart Turner remains at the forefront of design technology and innovation.
Developed the domestic shower pump market in the 1970’s.
Holders of numerous patents relating to shower pump technology including GB2494485 for Flomate and GB2349908 for mainsboost.
Four additional shower pump technology patent applications currently in progress.
Engineering Patents include everything from the Milking Machine to the 650cc water cooled, two stroke motor bike between 1912 and 1913!


Every pump is manufactured from only the highest quality components and raw materials.
Each individual pump is fully tested before leaving the factory.
All whole house, bathroom and shower pumps are WRAS approved and manufactured within ISO 9001:2008.
Guarantees that lead the industry - five years for Monsoon and Mainsboost.

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Stuart Turner Monsoon 3.0 Bar Twin Impeller Universal Shower Pump - 46410 Specifications
Construction Brass
Feed Compatibility Twin - Hot AND Cold
Installation Universal
Output 3 Bar
Pump Type Peripheral

Stuart Turner Monsoon 3.0 Bar Twin Impeller Universal Shower Pump - 46410


£576.00 (Inc. VAT)

Stock status: In Stock

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71 Product Reviews

  • Reviews for this product

    5/ 5
    Zak M

    Best household pump hands down by far, originally replaced a Salamander one which kept shutting off and made far too much noise. This pump is constructed of quality parts and comes highly recommended. All the plumbers I asked for a quote to fit, all were happy to go ahead and fit and had something positive to say about these pumps. Stuart Turner support are also awesome, always helpful and will go out of their way to help where other manufacturers will fob you off or do the bare minimum. Cannot recommend this range of pumps enough. Stuart Turner just needs to make boilers and taps and I would be a happy chappy. Plumbworld have been great too, ordered this pump thinking mine had packed in however Stuart Turner helped resolve the issue and I was able to return the new one without hassle.

  • 5/ 5

    Replaced an old cheap pump which was failing to perform. This is an impressive bit of kit. Comes with a set of very good flex hoses and an instruction booklet that is rather hard to follow if you're not a plumber (head heights, location etc) I opted to install in the loft space with a neutral head in what is called a sub-optimal location in the booklet. This required an extra £20 of pipe fittings to add angled adapters to the connections. Fitting took around 30 mins. It's a brilliant pump, Wish i'd upgraded years ago. Fitted with the optional 'acoustic mat' (dense foam pad with a non slip side) it's virtually silent. The startup is practically instantaneous with no noticeable delay between the shower turning on and the pressure kicking in.

  • 5/ 5

    I recently moved home, and soon discovered that the the pump in the loft (not a Stuart Turner), was leaking. Furthermore, it did not start pumping when I switched on the shower and the bathroom sink taps (I had to first switch on the bath taps to get them working!). A plumber recommended a 3 bar Stuart Turner, so I went online and found the cheapest one at Plumbworld. It still early days, but so far the pump is working well, and is much quieter than its predecessor.

  • 5/ 5
    Tony Wimble

    Installed this to replace a previous Stuart Turner pump that failed after 5 years (became very noisy after 4 years). This new one is of a different design and appears to be of much better quality and more solidly built - its configuration required some modification to our existing pipework, however. It has better anti-vibration "feet" and installed with a pump mat is quiet and stable. So far, I rate it as an excellent product, which comes with a 5-year warranty..

  • 5/ 5
    christopher francis james

    Excellent product - bought to power two showers- one in the en-suite, the second,in seemingly constant use in the family bathroom - no need to have either on full as half flow is perfect for both. Very pleased. Product dispatched same day. Three days later and after much chasing product arrived at different location.... Now installed I would not have anything else - but I would change the delivery company.

  • 5/ 5
    Colette Weir-Smith

    This pump is considered the Royals Royce of shower pumps, so I was keen to replace my expired monsoon pump with a new one. However these pumps are pricier than others but when I found this one at PlumbWorld for an amazing and a lot cheaper price than anywhere else I would have been a fool not to buy it! So thank you PlumbWorld for saving Christmas! Or at least having a decent shower in time for christmas..!

  • 5/ 5
    Steve King

    Bought this pump a month ago to replace a dreadful Salamander pump that leaked and was so noisy the house vibrated when it was running. This pump was retailing for about £100 more but it has certainly been money well spent! We can hardly hear when it is running - it is virtually silent. And it is just as powerful as the Salamander.

  • 5/ 5
    Steve C.

    I bought this pump on the recommendation of the experts at Stuart Turner, having explained the problems I had had with my previous pump since it was installed 3 years ago. I needed a plumber to fit it because of alterations to pipework but it's been up and running now for 3 weeks, and wow !! , I now have the shower I have longed for !

  • 5/ 5
    Mr M Dearden

    I have had a Stuart Turner pump for over twenty years but unfortunately it failed and needed replacing. On advice from ST I was told to go for a more powerful version which I did. What a difference it has made. And Plumbworld had it in stock at a very competitive price with a excellent delivery service. Job done.

  • 5/ 5
    Robert Wright

    I bought this pump to replace a Salamander negative head pump that never really worked properly. This new Stuart Turner pump did the job properly and first time. I would happily and confidently buy again.

  • 5/ 5
    Steven Dalton

    Needed a really good shower pump. The reviews indicated this was just what I needed. Did some looking around and Plumbworld could not be beaten on price. Delivery was quick. Great service, very pleased.

  • 5/ 5
    david stafford

    It isn't cheap BUT the quality of build is first rate and the flow is phenomenal. It doesn't hesitate to start as soon as the shower valve is opened AND its quiet. Is it worth the money? Definitely!

  • 5/ 5
    John Westall

    Stuart Turner Monsoon pumps have always proved to be very reliable on previous experience. And Plumbworld consistently have them at the best price available. Delivery was swift and well packaged.

  • 5/ 5
    John Westall

    Stuart Turner Monsoon pumps have always proved to be very reliable on previous experience. And Plumbworld consistently have them at the best price available. Delivery was swift and well packaged.

  • 5/ 5

    excellent product, quiet operation and showed how tired the old pump was. If you want to boost multiple showers and like a powerful shower then this will do it. Not cheap but money well spent.

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