Single Impeller Shower Pumps

In a lot of UK homes it’s quite common for the cold water supply to have a much greater pressure than the hot water. It can be a real pain when it comes to having a great shower, but a convenient remedy is available and comes in the form of Single Impeller Shower Pumps. They aren’t solely for hot water feeds and can be used for cold too, boosting the pressure for a more reliable water source. To make finding your perfect shower booster pump easier we’ve split them into two separate sections, Positive Head Shower Pumps and Negative Head Shower Pumps. Negative head pumps work best where the outlet for your shower is above the outlet on the cold water storage tank and positive pumps work where the shower outlet is below the outlet on the storage tank.

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Stuart Turner Monsoon Single Impeller Positive Head 2.0 Bar Shower Pump - 46497
9 ratings
Stuart Turner
Save 31% Was £399.97
Stuart Turner
£274.99 inc
Stuart Turner Monsoon Single Impeller Universal 2.0 Bar Shower Pump - 46498
15 ratings
Stuart Turner
Save 25% Was £502.38
Stuart Turner
£378.95 inc