Positive Head Shower Pumps (Single Impeller)

Make sure your hot water supply is as powerful as your cold with one of our Positive Head Single Impeller Shower Pumps. They’re designed to increase the pressure of one of your water supplies (or both premixed) to a single outlet like a shower. Positive pumps like these need to be used in applications where the outlet at the shower is lower than the outlet on the cold water storage tank which is normally installed in the attic. We’ve split them into two subgroups, Up To 2.0 Bar and Over 2.0 Bar, which refers to the boost that’s provided. Less than 2.0 Bar will be a small to medium increase and above 2.0 Bar will be more powerful.

  1. positive-head-single-impeller-pumps-up-to-20-bar

    Positive Head Single Impeller Pumps - Up To 2.0 Bar

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    From £82.80
  2. positive-head-single-impeller-pumps-over-20-bar

    Positive Head Single Impeller Pumps - Over 2.0 Bar

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    From £119.99