Bathroom Tap Cleaning

When it comes to our bathroom taps, it seems they take a serious amount of abuse, especially if they’re our bathroom basin taps! They get regularly covered in toothpaste, unwarranted beard shavings, and other bathroom potions and lotions we need when getting ready in a rush in the mornings. So, when it comes to cleaning these battered and bruised necessities, it can sometimes be tricky to successfully get some stains and marks off…until now!

Here at Plumbworld, we offer a range of bathroom tap cleaners that are powerful enough to remove any grime, stains, and scratches without damaging the chrome plating or finish on your tap! Offering products from leading manufacturers in the industry, including Cramer, you can polish your tired and stained bathroom taps with ease to a bright shine just like they used to have. Keeping your bathroom taps clean just got a whole lot easier!

Our collection of easy-to-use bathroom tap cleaners ensure you can quickly and efficiently remove any unwanted dirt and limescale from your tap in no time. Simply spray on the cleaning product and wipe away the unwanted dirt. It really is as simple as that!

Our range of bathroom tap cleaning products can be used on a wide range of tap finishes, including chrome, stainless steel, brass, brushed steel, and gold. So, when you come to clean your bathroom taps, you can ensure they’re squeaky clean, no matter what the finish may be.

These products don’t just work on bathroom taps, as you can use these cleaning tools on almost anything in your bathroom! From scratched and dirty baths to basin sinks, our cleaning products are sure to make scratch and stain-covered products sparkle once more, almost as if they were brand new!

Discover our range of bathroom tap cleaning products below. 

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Cramer Tap Cleaner 750ml
11 ratings
£14.99 inc