Bathroom Tap Spares and Cleaning

When you buy bathroom taps or kitchen taps from Plumbworld you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality taps available. This high-quality means you’re getting a tap that has a lengthy lifespan for hassle-free consistent use, but unfortunately nothing lasts forever and problems may eventually arise. To ensure you can continue to enjoy using them we offer a range bathroom tap spares that will get your taps back in full working order in no time at all. We keep the quality high but still keep the price low, so you can be comforted by the knowledge that we can help when things, unfortunately, break.
  1. Flexible Tails

    Flexible Tails

    3 choices
    From £4.97
  2. mixer-tap-spares

    Mixer Tap Spares

    3 choices
    From £6.97
  3. bathroom-tap-cleaning

    Bathroom Tap Cleaning

    2 choices
    From £9.99