Multipanel Accessories

If you’ve purchased our fantastic Multipanel product and are now looking to install and need adhesive, sealant and profiles then look no further than our Multipanel Bathroom Wall Panel Accessories. This selection of products will help you complete your install and have your bathroom showcasing your new panels and looking fantastic in no time. We have adhesives to fix to your wall, sealants to seal and profiles for the finishing touches, so you have everything you need to complete your bathroom wall panels installation.

  1. Multipanel Silicone-N Sealant Clear 310ml - MPSILCL


    Manufacturer Direct in 8 - 12 Days
  2. Multipanel Bathroom Wall Panel Grab Adhesive 290ml - MPADHS


    Manufacturer Direct in 8 - 12 Days
  3. Multipanel Silicone-N Sealant White 310ml - MPSILWH

    Was £9.72


    Manufacturer Direct in 8 - 12 Days
  4. Multipanel End Cap Profile Type C

  5. Multipanel Quadrant End Cap Profile Type

  6. Multipanel Continuous Joint Profile Type D

  7. Multipanel Internal Corner Profile Type A

  8. Multipanel Last Panel Profile Type Y

  9. Multipanel External Corner Profile Type B

  10. Multipanel Wet Floor Base Profile Type X Satin Anodised - MPBPSA


    Manufacturer Direct in 8 - 12 Days
  11. Multipanel Flush Corner Profile Type 100

  12. Multipanel Bath and Shower Seal Kit - MPSEAL


    Manufacturer Direct in 8 - 12 Days
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