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Modern Square Style Taps

Taps come in so many different styles these days it’s hard to know how to group them together to make it easy to find what you are looking for. These ranges are all square angular designs that fit well in contemporary bathrooms with sharp edged, square toilets and basins. There are curved spouts, straight spouts, waterfall spouts and more, with all types of budget taken into account so we’re sure you’ll find just what you’re after. If not take a look at our Modern Round Style Bathroom Taps.

  1. Architeckt Osmo Bathroom Taps

    Architeckt Osmo Bathroom Taps

    7 choices
    From £24.97
  2. Architeckt Misa Bathroom Taps

    Architeckt Misa Bathroom Taps

    9 choices
    From £22.97
  3. architeckt-ibbardo-bathroom-taps

    Architeckt Ibbardo Bathroom Taps

    6 choices
    From £24.97
  4. Architeckt Maderna Bathroom Taps

    Architeckt Maderna Bathroom Taps

    3 choices
    From £37.97
  5. Architeckt  Dakota Bathroom Taps

    Architeckt Dakota Bathroom Waterfall Taps

    15 products
    From £26.97
  6. Architeckt Skara Bathroom Taps

    Architeckt Skara Bathroom Taps

    3 choices
    From £39.97
  7. architeckt-camo-bathroom-taps

    Architeckt Carno Bathroom Taps

    3 choices
    From £64.97
  8. bristan-quadrato-bathroom-taps

    Bristan Quadrato Bathroom Taps

    8 choices
    From £77.89
  9. architeckt-form-bathroom-taps

    Architeckt Form Bathroom Taps

    3 choices
    From £79.97
  10. Mira Honesty Bathroom Taps

    Mira Honesty Bathroom Taps

    5 choices
    From £89.94
  11. Grohe Eurocube Taps

    Grohe Eurocube Taps

    3 choices
    From £132.16

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  13. Architeckt Misa Cloakroom Mono Basin Mixer Tap

  14. Architeckt Ibbardo Mini Mono Basin Mixer Tap

  15. Architeckt Osmo Mini Mono Basin Mixer Tap

  16. Architeckt Dakota Cloakroom Basin Mixer Waterfall Tap

  17. Architeckt Misa Basin Mixer Tap

  18. Architeckt Osmo Basin Mixer Tap

  19. Architeckt Misa Basin Taps

  20. Architeckt Maderna Basin Mixer Tap

  21. Architeckt Misa Bath Taps

  22. Architeckt Dakota Basin Mixer Waterfall Tap

  23. Architeckt Ibbardo Basin Mixer Tap

  24. Architeckt Skara Basin Mixer Tap

  25. Architeckt Osmo High Rise Basin Mixer Tap

  26. Architeckt Dakota Basin Mixer Waterfall Tap - Black Finish

  27. Architeckt Dakota High Rise Basin Mixer Waterfall Tap

  28. Architeckt Misa Bath Mixer Tap

  29. Architeckt Misa Bath Shower Mixer Tap

  30. Architeckt Osmo Bath Mixer Tap

  31. Architeckt Ibbardo Bath Mixer Tap

  32. Architeckt Carno Basin Mixer Tap

  33. Architeckt Skara Bath Mixer Tap

  34. Architeckt Dakota Bath Shower Mixer Waterfall Tap without Shower Attachments

  35. Architeckt Osmo Bath Shower Mixer Tap

  36. Architeckt Misa Basin Taps and Bath Taps Set

  37. Architeckt Maderna Bath Shower Mixer Tap

  38. Architeckt Ibbardo Bath Shower Mixer Tap

  39. architeckt-dakota-bath-shower-mixer-tap-with-dual-outlet-shower-heads

    Best Seller!

    Architeckt Dakota Bath Shower Mixer Tap with Dual Outlet Shower Heads

  40. Bristan Quadrato Basin Taps Chrome - QD 1/2 C

  41. Bristan Quadrato Eco Basin Mixer with Eco-click and Pop-up Waste Chrome - QD EBAS C

  42. Bristan Quadrato Small Basin Mixer Tap Chrome - QD SMBAS C

  43. Architeckt Dakota Wall Mounted Bath Mixer Tap

  44. Architeckt Form Wall Mounted Basin Mixer Tap

  45. Architeckt Form Wall Mounted Bath Mixer Tap

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