We have a wide range of different pumps you may need for your home projects. We have: Shower Pumps which boost your showers performance, Macerators which allow you to install a toilet in your home cheaply or if your sewer level is too high, Condensate Pumps which remove contaminated water from your boiler and fridge, Mains Water Booster Pumps which do just that - boost your mains water flow and Stuart Turner Submersible Pumps which are used in flooded areas or cellars.

  1. Shower Boosting Pumps

    Shower Pumps

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    From £82.80
  2. Macerators


    41 products
    From £74.97
  3. Condensate Pumps

    Condensate Pumps

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    From £52.84
  4. Mains Water Booster Pumps

    Mains Water Booster Pumps

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    From £190.80
  5. stuart-turner-submersible-pumps

    Stuart Turner Submersible Pumps

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    From £67.48