Whirlpool Bath Jet Systems

The exciting range of Ceramica whirlpool baths brings you affordable spa luxury in the comfort of your own home. Whirlpools provide a relaxing and enjoyable way to bathe, along with numerous health benefits, including improved circulation and stress and anxiety relief.

Choose from 3 different Jet system types and a colour changing light option, to customise your Whirlpool experience.

10 Jet Whirlpool Systems

6, 8 and 10 Jet Whirlpool Systems

6, 8 or 10 jet streams massage individual areas of your body, and work together to immerse you in swirling air bubbles. You can set the strength of this massage with the bath mounted controls, with levels varying between a soft, low setting and a stronger, more energetic level. The 6,8, and 10 Jet Whirlpool systems are mounted on the sides of the bath.

12 Jet Whirlpool Systems

12 Jet Air Spa System

The Air Spa system blows warm air into the water, through 12 low profile jets set in the base of the bath. You can select from 3 speed settings, from the gentle whisper mode, through to the highest, more vigorous level. The system operates very quietly, so you can fully relax and enjoy the feel and sound of the spa bubbles. The Air Spa system has an automatic blow clean facility that dries the jet system out, after the bath has emptied.

24 Jet Whirlpool Systems

22 Jet Combination System

The 22 jet system combines all of the features and benefits of the 10 jet Whirlpool system and the 12 Jet Air Spa. You can use the systems together for an all over massage, and the most complete spa experience available. Or you can use the Whirlpool and Air Spa systems individually, to enjoy the separate experiences of each.

Colour Changing Light Whirlpool Systems

Colour Changing Light

The colour changing light sends a relaxing warm glow through the bath water. Use the light controller to select static colours, red, green, blue or white. Or use the automatic colour change function, which moves through each colour on a continuous cycle.