Aqualisa Power Showers

If there’s one thing people always tell us that they want more of from their shower it’s power. We’ve all had an experience of a shower that’s pumping out water at a flow rate that barely tickles the skin. What’s the point in having a shower if you’re not going to feel and remember the experience? That’s where Aqualisa power showers come in, giving you the power you crave for your morning wake-up calls. It’s also ideal for homes where the water system is low pressure or gravity-fed, as a normal shower under those conditions tends to be a puny and unsatisfying affair. These sleek showers rely upon Aqualisa’s proven thermostatic technology for complete temperature control and unrivalled safety for the entire family. The new Harmony shower head fitted with each shower features four impressive spray patterns for a different experience each time, which includes an ‘eco’ setting to save up to 25% water. That means you can save money, help the environment and still have a powerful shower. That’s a great result in our book!
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