Aqualisa Smart Showers

Bathrooms are getting smarter and your shower is frequently one of the smartest parts of it. Especially if you choose wisely and opt for an Aqualisa smart shower. Aqualisa have designed the their smart showers to work on almost any type of plumbing system, catering for low or high pressure with two different computer processors for optimum output and total relaxation. Plus, you get the option of a standard adjustable handset, a drencher head, a bath filler or even a combination of them so you’ll be satisfied no matter what you want.

  1. aqualisa-visage-q-smart-showers

    Aqualisa Visage Q Smart Showers

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    From £461.15
  2. aqualisa-unity-q-smart-showers

    Aqualisa Unity Q Smart Showers

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    From £379.00
  3. aqualisa-optic-q-smart-showers

    Aqualisa Optic Q Smart Showers

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    From £571.99
  4. aqualisa-quartz-touch-smart-showers

    Aqualisa Quartz Touch Smart Showers (Consumer Upgrade)

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    From £620.00
  5. aqualisa-quartz-classic-smart-showers

    Aqualisa Quartz Classic Smart Showers (Consumer Upgrade)

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    From £79.84
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