Aqualisa Accessories

All our Aqualisa Showers come with everything to quickly install and move on to enjoying your shower for years to come. But we realise that sometimes you may want even more, you need to replace something to keep your shower going even longer or you just want to try something different. That’s what our range of Aqualisa accessories is here for. We have a wide range of shower valves across digital and thermostatic selections. A range of showers kits also offer adjustable height or traditional fixed height versions, while various types of shower heads provide a new experience for when you want something a little different. They’re all made with the high-quality crafting you’ve come to expect from the lauded Aqualisa brand.
  1. aqualisa-shower-handsets

    Aqualisa Shower Handsets

    7 choices
    From £43.42
  2. aqualisa-shower-hoses

    Aqualisa Shower Hoses

    7 choices
    From £19.76
  3. aqualisa-handset-grips

    Aqualisa Handset Grips

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    From £20.45
  4. Aqualisa Shower Kits

    Aqualisa Shower Kits

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    From £57.95
  5. aqualisa-shower-remotes

    Aqualisa Shower Remotes

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    From £74.99
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