Aqualisa Shower Hoses

Aqualisa Showers Hoses – Making Life Easier!

Aqualisa are revolutionising the bathroom industry right down to the basics like shower hoses. They’re engineered to be hardwearing, durable and still look good which is no easy feat! They have even developed a smooth shower house which reduces kinks and is extremely straightforward to clean. They’re easy to fit and compatible with most showers but if you’re unsure take a look at the products descriptions for more information.

  1. Aqualisa 1.5m Thermostatic Hose - White

  2. Aqualisa 1.5m Thermostatic Hose - Chrome

  3. Aqualisa 1.5m Thermostatic Hose - Gold

  4. aqualisa-15m-shower-hose-smooth-chrome

    Best Seller!

    Aqualisa 1.5m Shower Hose Smooth - Chrome

  5. Aqualisa 1.25M Stainless Steel Shower Hose

  6. Aqualisa 1.75 Chrome Shower Hose

  7. Aqualisa 1.75 Stainless Steel Shower Hose

  8. Aqualisa 1.75 Smooth Chrome Shower Hose