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We've teamed up with hansgrohe to give 25 lucky winners the chance to win their luxury WallStoris shower accessory bundle. Purchase any hansgrohe shower, shower head, valve, kits or handsets with a minimum spend of £100 between 4th August - October 5th and use code HG25 at checkout to enter. Read our full terms & conditions here.


PowderRain Explained

Indulge water in a revolutionary way thanks to PowderRain. Inspired by the rainforest and its warm, misty droplets of fine water, it’s the most relaxing way to shower. Thousands of micro-droplets rain down on your body, creating a spa-like experience you can enjoy every day.

Benefits of PowderRain:

  • It’s quieter than a normal shower
  • Albeit quiet, it’s powerful. Allowing extremely effective removal of shampoo
  • Micro-droplets feel great and create less splash radius compared with an ordinary shower head

View the full PowderRain range here.

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EcoSmart Explained

EcoSmart showers are designed for the water conscious. The handsets are fitted with a special that reduces water flow by a huge 60%, without reducing the satisfaction of your shower. They even perform flawlessly on a high pressure system.

Benefits of EcoSmart:

  • Water consumption reduced to up to 8 l/min
  • Lower CO2 emissions due to reduced energy consumption
  • Constant flow, even when the water pressure fluctuates or is low

View the full EcoSmart range here.

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Spray Modes Explained

You don’t always want the same shower sensation. You might be getting ready for work, cooling off after a hard gym session, or just in the mood to relax, either way, you want to fine tune your experience to match your mood. With hansgrohe and their collection of spray jets you can do that.

  • RainAir: Soft and plump rain type jet for pleasure seekers
  • Rain: A powerful rain jet, with an invigorating burst of freshness to recharge your batteries
  • Whirl: A swirling massage spray for relieving stress or giving yourself a spa-like treatment
  • PowderRain: This ultra-soft shower jet guarantees a sensational, relaxing, indulgent and quiet shower

View our hansgrohe spray mode collection here.

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