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InSinkErator HC1100 Kitchen Tap + Neo Tank – for Boiling Hot & Filtered Cold Water - Chrome Finish

Quick Brew

Fitted this hot and Cold water tap and system which was very straight forward, hot tap makes a good brew and the cold supplies nice filtered drinking water gone is the taste of chlorine we are very pleased with this product.


Sauber Dual Spout Kitchen Mixer Tap with Pull Out Spray - Chrome

Bargain half the price of b&q

What can I say, does exactly the same if not better than taps twice the price, customers love this and the price really is a pleasant surprise too.

A&D Maintenance

Grohe Eurosmart Basin Mixer Tap with Smooth Body

Great Taps

Ordered two ready for instalation when our building project is completed. excellent quality product and perfect service from Plumbworld.

Gordon Danks

Essentials Basin Mixer Tap

Great value for money

Great value for money basin mixer tap. Good quality. First time I'd used the company and would certainly recommend them.

Clyde the cat

Essentials Kitchen Mixer Tap with Pull Out Spray - Chrome

Fab tap

This is a very heavy...gorgeous tap. Great value for money and outstanding service from the company.

Sue Palmer

Sauber Baden Pull Out Kitchen Mixer Tap - Chrome

Kitchen tap

Very good service and quality tap very food value for money will definatly use plumbworld again .


Architeckt Edsberg Basin Mixer Waterfall Tap


Great tap But should be sold with the sink as a deal package A tap is no good without a sink


Amelie Single Ended 1700mm Bathroom Suite - Including Taps, Waste & Screen

5 star

Lovely delivery was on time, looks good works perfectly and completes my new bathroom perfectly

Ms Elle

Sauber Burford Brushed Metal Finish Kitchen Mixer Tap

Beautiful taps

Taps really go well with the sink and are very well made. They were easy to install.


Architeckt Motala Basin Mixer Waterfall Tap

Good Tap

Stylish and practical tap easy to fit and looks lovely in situ.

Janette Johnson

Taps Explained By Plumbworld

Here we’ve got our beginners list of things to consider when buying brassware whether it's being fitted within the kitchen or the bathroom. You’ll need to take into account the style of tap, the materials they’re made of and the finish that’s applied to them and of course the water pressure of your home.

Bathroom and kitchen taps generally work in the same way with just variations in the size and shape that make them different. Below we have a breakdown of the things you should know.


Styles of Taps

Pillar Taps
Monobloc Mixer Tap

Pillar Taps

These are used when baths or basin have two holes, one for a hot tap and the other for cold. They’re most suitable for properties where water pressure is low and usually come with a number of different handle styles like cross-head, levers or knobs. Pillar taps aren’t a great choice for those with hand mobility problems.

Monobloc / Mixer Taps

Mixers do exactly as the name suggests, they mix the hot and cold water within the body of the tap. They’re available with twin or single handles depending on your preference and normally fit into just a single tap hole.

Filtered Taps
Worktop Floor Standing Taps

Filtered Taps

These are used more in the kitchen to provide filtered hot, cold and boiling water. They can be used for making cups of tea, preparing food and all the other usual applications of a kitchen tap.

Worktop / Floor Standing Taps

These are generally used in the kitchen with undermount sinks or in the bathroom with freestanding baths. Obviously the designs are slightly different in that the freestanding bath taps are much taller.


Materials & Finish

Choosing the right material and finish for your new taps can be a tricky business, especially when you need to take into consideration not just your personal tastes but the overall look when compared with the rest of the room. Let's face it you don't want something that feels or looks cheap.

The majority are engineered from solid brass because it’s just so durable and weighty for a real feel of quality. Now this would be a funny look in some bathrooms so they’re usually finished off in a polished chrome or silksteel in most cases. You can also get them in nickel and gold too but they’re not quite as popular.

The biggest advantage to using high-quality materials like this is their ease of cleaning. A warm solution of soapy water and a soft cloth is usually all you need to bring out that gorgeous shine time and time again. Just remember not to use anything abrasive or any harsh chemicals because they will ruin the finish of your taps no matter their age.

Kitchen Tap Materials
Tap Inner Workings

The Inner Workings of Taps

Here in the UK we know that the bodies are made of brass in most cases but what else goes on in inside our faithful taps? Well both a hot and cold feed is provided which gives us either hot, col or mixed water but the flow is controlled using either washers or a more modern, and more reliable, ceramic disc or cartridge. Ceramic internals will always outlast the older style washers so bear this in mind if you’re looking to spend a lot on your bathroom.


Understanding Water Pressure

Before installing taps it’s always a good idea to check what your homes water pressure is like otherwise your new basin or bath mixer might seem a little underwhelming. Now don’t throw in the towel at this news as there’s a pretty easy way to check what your water pressure is. All you need is a stop watch, available on most smart phones, and a 1 litre measuring jug.

Firstly you need to make sure any appliances that use water like the dishwasher or washing machine are turned off along with any taps elsewhere in the house.

Then put the cold side of your kitchen mixer tap on full blast and see how long it takes to fill the jug.

If it takes longer than 7 seconds then chances are you’ve got low water pressure.

You can see an example here thanks to UK water company Severn Trent Water.

Kitchen Taps

Kitchen Mixer Taps

Now we move onto a more in depth look at kitchen mixer taps and the differences between each model. They are a hugely important part of any UK kitchen, being used day in and day out, year after year. They’re a lot more than just hot and cold water too with filtered, boiling hot or steaming water available in some too!

Firstly we would always recommend checking your water pressure like we have explained above. Getting the right tap for your pressure will be the difference between washing up heaven and washing up hell, you really could do without an underperforming tap!


Contemporary or Traditional?

Like any room in your home your kitchen will normally have either a contemporary or traditional vibe and most suppliers, including us, will have taps to suit.

Contemporary Kitchen Taps
Traditional Kitchen Taps

Contemporary Kitchen Taps

Contemporary taps will feature either rounded or square designs with a chrome or coloured finish (black and white being surprisingly popular!). They will also have the option of either twin levers or a single lever for controlling the temperature and flow. They’re a perfect match for most sinks, in particular stainless steel or granite.

Traditional Kitchen Taps

Traditional taps tend to have more over the top styling with white ceramic indices and silver, brass or gold finishes. They do usually have twin levers to complete the classical look and they look great with ceramic sinks, in particular Belfast sinks.


Matching Your Tap to Your Sink

It’s important that you don’t just think about design and style but the practicality of your new tap with your existing sink or your new sink.

Start by looking at how the tap is mounted.

Does it use a single tap hole? If the answer is yes then you need a mixer tap.

Does it use two tap holes? If the answer is yes then you need either pillar taps or a deck / bridge mixer.

Does it need to be mounted to the worktop? For this installation type you can use almost any tap you’d like. You just need to ensure the right sized hole is drilled into your worktop to accommodate and that the spout will have enough clearance to easily reach the bowl or bowls.

Matching Your Sink To Your Tap

Spout Reach

When you’ve established the mounting of the tap you also need to consider the reach that the spout will have. You’ve got to ensure it will provide enough depth to be positioned over the bowl and also any other bowls you might have if it’s a multiple bowl sink.

Tap Movement

Lastly you need to take into account the movement of your tap. Spouts generally rotate to allow you to wash up more easily or reach more than one bowl. You can also get kitchen taps with pull-out spouts or even an optional spray which is mounted to the worktop.

Spout Reach
Bathroom Taps

Bathroom Taps

With bathroom taps you do need to make a lot of the same decisions as you would for kitchen taps. What’s your water pressure like? Do they need to be contemporary or traditional? Will it be compatible with your sink? Is the spout the right size and shape to work efficiently with your sink? However there are a few other things to take into account when buying new bathroom taps.

Types of Bathroom Taps

You might be surprised to hear that there are actually more types of bathroom tap than there are kitchen tap. Below we have broken down the different variations so you’ll know which are most suitable for you. All types of bathroom taps are available in contemporary or tradition designs just like kitchen taps.

Mono Basin Mixer Taps
Pillar Taps 2

Mono Basin Mixer Taps

Mono basin mixers or Monobloc mixers are the most common type of tap used for bathroom sinks. They mount using just a single tap hole and mix water inside the tap bodies. These types of taps are controlled using either a single or twin levers, allowing optimal control over the temperature and flow of the water coming out the spout.

Pillar Taps

Pillar taps use a separate hot and cold taps which are in turn controlled using individual levers. The flow is controlled by the levers but the finally temperature is achieved by mixing both supplies in your sink or bath.

Bath Mixer Bath Shower Mixer
3 Hole Basin Taps

Bath Mixer Taps & Bath Shower Mixer Taps

Bath mixers and bath shower mixers generally use two tap holes for installation. These can sometimes be mounted in different places with a shower bath providing the most flexibility. A bath shower mixer will have the addition of a shower head and mount, with a diverter to swap between filling the bath and using the shower head.

3 Hole Basin Taps

These are surprisingly uncommon due to basins normally having only one or two tap holes. Normally they feature one spout with two separate controls for hot and cold water. They can be used for deck mounting on a bath or for fitting to a worktop by your sink.

Tall Basin Mixer Taps
Small Monobloc Mixer Tap

Tall Basin Mixers

These work in exactly the same way as a monobloc mixer tap, the only difference being that they’re taller for use with countertop sinks.

Small Monobloc or Cloakroom Mixer Taps

You can also get specially designed monobloc mixer taps for cloakroom sinks and small sinks. They function in the same way as a standard monobloc mixer.

Wall Mounted Taps
Freestanding Bath Taps

Wall Mounted Taps

Now for something a bit special you could decide to wall mount your taps. They’re usually available in either a 2 or 3 hole design and can be used with sinks or baths. They provide a clean look and more space around the edge of your basin or rim of your bath.

Freestanding Bath Taps

Now you don’t get much classier that a freestanding bath and a tall bath mixer tap to match! They provide a serious focal point in any bathroom but beware you’re going to need a fair amount of space.