Sauber Kitchen Taps

Get the most out of your kitchen sink with one of our beautiful Sauber Taps. Whether your style is traditional, contemporary or ultra-modern we’ve got kitchen taps to suit. They all benefit from standard sizing so getting a perfect fit should be no problem at all. Our Sauber taps come with a choice of single or twin levers depending on your preference and all come finished in a pristine, high-quality, polished chrome. Some of them even have separate spray functions for easy rinsing of dishes!

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  2. sauber-dual-lever-kitchen-tap-with-pull-out-spray-brushed-finish

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    Sauber Dual Lever Kitchen Tap with Pull Out Spray Brushed Finish

  3. Sauber Dual Spout Kitchen Mixer Tap with Pull Out Spray Chrome

  4. Sauber Baden Pull Out Kitchen Mixer Tap Chrome

  5. Sauber Baden Kitchen Mixer Tap with Pull Out Spout Brushed Finish

  6. Sauber Kitchen Mixer Tap with Pull Out Spray Chrome

  7. Sauber Burford Kitchen Mixer Tap Chrome

  8. Sauber Square Handle Kitchen Mixer Tap with Pull Out Spray Chrome

  9. Sauber Vevey Kitchen Mixer Tap - Brushed Finish

  10. Sauber Burford Kitchen Mixer Tap Brushed Finish

  11. Sauber Aarau Kitchen Mixer Tap Chrome

  12. Sauber Thun Kitchen Mixer Tap

  13. Sauber Sion Kitchen Mixer Tap

  14. Sauber Valdivia Kitchen Mixer Tap - Brushed Finish

  15. Sauber Cascade Kitchen Mixer Tap Chrome

  16. Sauber Contour Kitchen Mixer Tap Chrome

  17. Sauber Aarau Kitchen Mixer Tap Brushed Finish

  18. Sauber Stans Kitchen Mixer Tap Chrome

  19. Sauber Lugano Kitchen Mixer Tap Chrome

  20. Sauber Black Pull Out Spout Kitchen Mixer Tap

  21. Sauber Chrome and Black Pull Out Spout Kitchen Mixer Tap

  22. Park Lane Traditional Bridge Kitchen Mixer Tap

  23. Sauber Dual Lever Kitchen Mixer Tap

  24. Park Lane Traditional Mono Kitchen Mixer Tap

  25. Sauber Kassel Kitchen Mixer Tap - Brushed Copper

  26. Sauber Hallow Kitchen Tap Brushed Nickle

  27. Sauber Abberton Kitchen Tap Black

  28. Sauber Abberton Kitchen Tap Antique Brass

  29. Sauber Hallow Kitchen Tap Black

  30. Sauber Abberton Kitchen Tap Brushed Nickle

  31. Sauber Abberton Kitchen Tap Gunmetal

  32. Sauber Hallow Kitchen Tap Gunmetal

  33. Sauber Hallow Kitchen Tap Antique Brass

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Sauber Kitchen Taps

At Plumbworld our Sauber kitchen taps come in a variety of ranges, styles and finishes. From touchless infrared taps to taps with a pull out spout we have a tap for all your kitchen needs. Modern statement taps are becoming more popular these days, which is why our Sauber range encorporates modern angular designs and unique bold colours. 

Sauber Taps
Pull Out Spray

Pull Out Spout 

Gone are the days of static kitchen taps, making it hard to get the difficult to reach areas of your dishes clean. Sauber pull out spray taps make the everyday chore of washing up less of a hassle, save time and provide a better cleaning efficiency than a standard tap.

Infrared Tap

Touchless Infrared 

Infrared taps are becoming more popular these days with people becoming more concious of hand hygenine. These touchless taps allow you to wash your hands without having to touch a thing!

Dual Lever Tap

Mixer Tap 

Mixer taps, whether they be dual or single lever are able to create the perfect temperature water for all your kitchen needs. Mixing hot and cold water together to get the perfect temperature, whether you're getting a refreshing cold glass of water of filling up your washing up bowl a mixer tap will get the job done.

Single Lever Tap

Dual or Single Lever

Dual lever taps don't only make it easier to distinguish between hot and cold water but are perfect for those of us who like our kitchens looking nice and symetrical too! Whereas a smiple single lever tap would look perfect in kitchens with a minimalistic design.

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Whether you are looking for a classic chrome tap or branching out your design skills to a beautiful brushed copper tap we have a wide range of finishes for you to choose from. Bold stand out colours are the go to for most modern kitchens with gold and copper being the top choices but don't fear, we still stock classic chrome taps too!

Sauber Taps Finishes

Brushed Gold or Copper

The stunning brushed gold and copper finishes give your tap an added edge of style, whilst creating a beautiful focal point in your kitchen.

Matt Black

Black finished fittings are becoming a popular choice for those looking to create a statement in their kitchen. The black contrasts perfectly with white tiling, leaving you with a luxurious monochrome look.

Brushed Nickel or Gunmetal Grey

Like a classic chrome tap this unique finishes will fit in with any kitchen colour whilst adding a modern statement piece to the design.


You can't go wrong with a classic chrome tap, fitting in with any kitchen colour theme or design what's not to like?

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Price Range

Whether you are on a budget or want to go all out on your new tap, Sauber have taps ranging from £29.99 to £154.99!

The cheaper the tap doesn't mean you have to compromise on the quality of the tap, whether you spend £30 or £130 you will get the same Sauber quality with solid brass bodies and reliable ceramic cartridges. The only compromise is the style and design of your tap. It goes without saying a standard mixer tap will cost less than a futuristic infrared tap but the tap you choose will all depend on your needs and budget.

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