Mira Bathroom Taps

Mira Bathroom Taps

Mira Bathroom Taps feature a range of stylish classic and contemporary designs of both bath and basin taps that would suit both modern and traditional bathrooms. With solid brass bodies and polished chrome finishes, Mira Bathroom Taps have been designed to stand the test of time and look good at all times!

Traditional detailing

When we think of traditional we think of old fashioned... but not with these Mira Bathroom Taps! Mira has taken the most important features of a traditional tap such as crosshead handles, and redesigned them with a more stylish appearance. The crosshead handles effortlessly blend subtle designs of the past, making them the perfect component for traditionally styled bathrooms.

Modern detailing

Mira modern bathroom taps are the epitome of style, with soft curves or square edges that are sure to impress. Fantastic designs and technological excellence has always been at the forefront of Mira’s brassware ranges and these bathroom taps are certainly no exception. With seamless engineering, dramatic lines and smooth edges, Mira bathroom taps create an exclusive centre piece in any bathroom.

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Mira Fluency Bathroom Taps

Award-winning Mira Fluency Taps will look absolutely stunning in any setting with completely unique design features and impeccable performance to match. They aren’t like anything you’ve seen in a domestic bathroom environment before with a beautiful oval handle for precisely controlling temperature and flow and an artistic, edgy style. They’ll even function just perfectly on low pressure water systems. Create a centrepiece in your suite with Mira Fluency bathroom taps.


Mira Honesty tap range

Mira Honesty Bathroom Taps are taking minimalist to an entirely new level with their range of simplistic moder designs. Cube like styling provides you with an extremely attractive selection which is definitely best suited to a modern design of bathroom. They will most certainly be the centrepiece of your new bathroom!


Mira Evolve tap range

Pure geometric style takes on an exciting contemporary twist with the Mira Evolve taps range. Slim, square levers control the flow and temperature of the water, this can be on a single mono mixer tap or on separate hot and cold bathroom taps depending on the tap holes that you basin has. Coupled with the handles are the perfectly rounded spouts and bodies that really do add a touch of class to your bathroom.


Mira Precision tap range

Mira Precision Taps throws ordinary and generic straight out the window with not one but two unique and beautiful designs of tap handle. The clue is in the name and precision is exactly what these taps offer, coupled with a seriously high build quality with heaps of aesthetics. You have the choice of separate taps or mixer taps with the option to have a bath shower mixer too if it’s required. 


Mira Comfort Bathroom Taps

If you’re looking for something that’s straight from the future then the Mira Comfort Taps range is most definitely for you. High-quality materials are used to create futuristic designs that won’t ever go out of date. All of the taps feature subtly curved spouts with handles to match. With Mira Comfort you have the choice of a stunning mono basin mixer tap or gorgeous separate hot and cold bathroom taps depending on which you think is the best combination for your bathroom.


Mira Revive Bathroom Taps

Mira Revive Taps are a stunning take on blending the traditional cross head handle design with more contemporary curves. This is then mixed with a high standard of finish for a durable and exceedingly attractive set of taps. Not only do these bathroom taps look good and benefit from an exquisite quality of build but they also work well on low pressure water systems so you can forget about compatibility worries.

  1. Mira Honesty Bathroom Taps

    Mira Honesty Bathroom Taps

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  2. Mira Evolve Bathroom Taps

    Mira Evolve Bathroom Taps

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  3. Mira Precision Bathroom Taps

    Mira Precision Bathroom Taps

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    From £77.95
  4. Mira Comfort Bathroom Taps

    Mira Comfort Bathroom Taps

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    From £76.70
  5. Mira Revive Bathroom Taps

    Mira Revive Bathroom Taps

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    From £70.00
  6. Mira Fluency Bathroom Taps

    Mira Fluency Bathroom Taps

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    From £143.45

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    Mira Honesty Basin Mixer Tap

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  11. Mira Comfort Basin Mixer Tap

  12. Mira Revive Basin Mixer Tap

  13. Mira Precision Bath Shower Mixer Tap

  14. Mira Comfort Bath Shower Mixer Tap

  15. Mira Honesty Bath Mixer Tap

  16. Mira Honesty Bath Shower Mixer Tap

  17. Mira Evolve Basin Mixer Tap

  18. Mira Comfort Bath Mixer Tap

  19. Mira Revive Bath Mixer Tap

  20. Mira Evolve Bath Shower Mixer Tap

  21. Mira Precision Bath Mixer Tap

  22. Mira Comfort Basin Taps

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  23. Mira Evolve Bath Mixer Tap

  24. Mira Revive Basin Taps

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  25. Mira Precision Basin Taps

  26. Mira Comfort Bath Taps

  27. Mira Honesty Bath Taps

  28. Mira Revive Bath Taps

  29. Mira Evolve Bath Taps

  30. Mira Revive Bath Shower Mixer Tap

  31. Mira Honesty Basin Taps

  32. Mira Evolve Basin Taps

  33. Mira Precision Bath Taps

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