Bristan Taps

Bristan have been at the forefront of kitchen and bathroom tap design and manufacturing for years. They’ve worked to make installing and using taps easier while keeping in mind that they still need to be stylish to look at, a scenario that they’ve exceled at! The taps are suitable for all kinds of kitchen and bathroom styles, and they’re designed to last for decades without becoming rusty or wearing out thanks to high-quality internal parts.

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  5. Bristan Apricot Monobloc Sink Mixer with Pull-Out Spray Chrome

    Best Seller!

    Bristan Apricot Monobloc Sink Mixer with Pull-Out Spray Chrome - APR PULLSNK C

  6. Bristan Nero Basin Mixer Tap Chrome - NR BASNW C

  7. Bristan Pisa Basin Mixer Tap with Clicker Waste Chrome - PS2 BAS C

  8. Bristan Echo Easyfit Kitchen Mixer Tap - Chrome - EC SNK EF C

  9. Bristan Liquorice Sink Mixer with Pull Out Spray Chrome - LQR PROSNK C

  10. Bristan Artisan Professional Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap with Pull Out Spray Chrome - AR SNKPRO C

  11. Bristan Beeline Sink Mixer with Pull Out Nozzle Chrome - BE SNK C

  12. Bristan Renaissance Easyfit Sink Mixer Chrome - RS SNK EF C

  13. Bristan Monza Easyfit Kitchen Mixer Tap - Brushed - MZ SNK EF BN

  14. Bristan Monza Easyfit Kitchen Mixer Tap - Chrome - MZ SNK EF C

  15. Bristan Value Lever Deck Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap Chrome - VAL2 DSM C CD

  16. Bristan Nero Bath Filler Tap Chrome - NR BF C

  17. Bristan Design Utility Lever Deck Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap Chrome - DUL DSM C

  18. Bristan Renaissance Sink Mixer Brushed Nickel - RS SNK EF BN

  19. Bristan Artisan Easyfit Kitchen Sink Mixer - Brushed Finish - AR SNK EF BN

  20. Bristan Target Monobloc Sink Mixer with Pull Out Spray Chrome - TG SNK C

  21. Bristan Prism Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap Chrome - PM SNK C

  22. Bristan Vegas Easyfit Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap Chrome - VG SNK EF C

  23. Bristan Renaissance Deck Sink Mixer Chrome - RS DSM C

  24. Bristan Cashew Easyfit Kitchen Sink Mixer Chrome - CSH EFSNK C

  25. Bristan Quadrato Eco Basin Mixer with Eco-click and Pop-up Waste Chrome - QD EBAS C

  26. Bristan Raspberry Easyfit Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap Chrome - RSP EFSNK C

  27. Bristan Pistachio Easy Fit Kitchen Mixer Tap - Chrome - PST EFSNK C

  28. Bristan Pisa Bath Taps Chrome - PS2 3/4 C

  29. Bristan Kingsbury Easyfit Kitchen Mixer Tap - Easyfit Base Inlcuded - Gold

  30. Bristan 1901 Easyfit Sink Mixer Tap - Easyfit Base Included - Gold

  31. Bristan Nero Bath Shower Mixer Tap Chrome - NR BSM C

  32. Bristan 1901 Traditional Basin Taps Gold - N 1/2 G CD

  33. Bristan Quadrato Pillar Bath Shower Mixer Chrome - QD BSM C

  34. Bristan Value Lever High Neck Pillar Kitchen Mixer Taps Chrome - VAL2 HNK C CD

  35. Bristan Renaissance Deck Sink Mixer Brushed Nickel - RS DSM BN

  36. Bristan 1901 Deck Sink Mixer Chrome - N DSM C

  37. Bristan Java Single Flow Easyfit Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap Chrome - J SFSNK EF C

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Bathroom or kitchen taps available with Bristan

Bristan has been designing and manufacturing brassware products right here in the UK for over 40 years. They’re so popular in fact that 1 in 5 households have a Bristan product. Here at Plumbworld we stock a huge range of Bristan taps to suit all styles, budgets, and lifestyles. We do keep stock of both bathroom and kitchen taps meaning it really is easy to fully revitalise your living space.

Modern or traditional?

Bristan Modern or Traditional Taps

Once you’ve decided which room you’re going to spruce up you need to decide what best suits your current décor, modern or tradition?

Traditional taps tend to feature timeless details like white ceramic and serif font hot and cold indicators. They’re also pretty famous for their crosshead handles – albeit they don’t always have them!

Modern taps are usually the more popular choice but with the wide range available with Bristan they don’t have to look like the rest. Irregular shapes and contrasting colours are really what set them apart from the pack.

Price Range

What are you looking to spend?

After you’ve decided on your style of tap you need to agree on a budget. Don’t be put off by a cheaper tap though as they’re still made from the same durable materials, they just tend to lack the same great designer looks of a more upmarket product. No matter the setting of your kitchen, bathroom, ensuite or even utility room, Bristan have something to suit.



Bristan bathroom taps in a bit more detail

Our Bristan collection is split up into their respective ranges which consists of both traditional and modern taps. We also keep a few infrared taps which are great for keeping germs to a minimum.

Bristan Basin Mixer

Basin mixers

These are the bread and butter of the bathroom basin. They’re neat, stylish and blend the hot and cold water internal so it comes out the spout at just the right temperature.

Bristan Bath Shower Mixer

Bath shower mixer

These turn your ordinarily faff of a bath into a functioning shower too. You normally have a diverter fitted to the tap so you can switch effortlessly between tap and shower head.

Bristan Pillar Taps

Pillar taps

Pillar taps are pretty dated these days and only suitable for fitting on a two tap hole basin. They provide you with completely separate feeds of hot and cold water.

Bristan Bath Filler

Bath mixer (filler)

Just like a basin mixer but for your bath. They do however use two taps holes but that’s more so you can achieve a high flow rate, something that’s pretty important when filling up a large capacity bath.

Bristan Bath Pillar Taps

Bath pillar taps

Bath pillar taps work like a bath mixer but they use two separate taps instead of a mixer. Again, two tap holes would be needed to fit them but they do give a certain flexibility during installation as the distance between them isn’t set.

Bristan Infrared Taps

Infrared taps

Infrared taps are quite the trend now that people are getting overly conscious of their hygiene even around the home. They allow you to use the tap using a sensor fitted in the body so you don’t have to touch a thing. They’re great for those with regularly messy hands!


Bristan kitchen taps in a bit more detail

Bristan’s range of kitchen taps is so vast you’re almost guaranteed to find something to suit you and your kitchen.

Bristan boiling hot water taps

These clever taps store water in small tanks underneath the kitchen sink and delivery hot water, literally on tap. They’re great for making things like cups of tea of filling pans or you can use them just like an ordinary tap.

Bristan Easyfit taps

If DIY isn’t your forte then getting the job done as easily as possible is key. Thankfully Bristan are here to help with their range of Easyfit kitchen taps. They include an easy to install base and flexible tails so you can take the stress out of your new tap. Take a look at this video for more information.


Types of Bristan kitchen tap explained

Bristan High Neck Taps

High neck

High neck kitchen taps are generally on the cheaper end of the scale, providing you with a no frills, get the job done set of taps. They’re usually supplied as separate hot and cold taps and fit to a two tap hole sink.

Bristan 1TH Kitchen Tap

1 tap hole mixer tap

1 tap hole kitchen mixer taps are what we have come to know as standard. They’re by far the most popular when even in some older style kitchens, connecting to your sink through a single punched tap hole. They come in a huge array of shapes, sizes, styles and colours so getting just what you want is easy.

Bristan 2TH Kitchen Tap

2 tap hole mixer tap

2 tap hole kitchen taps are certainly not as popular as they used to be but if you’re looking to replace your existing tap without upgrading your perfectly good sink then they’re ideal. They usually work in exactly the same way as a mixer tap but spread across two tap holes instead of one.

Bristan Pull Out Spout Kitchen Tap

Pull out nozzle taps

If you run a busy household where crockery goes through the kitchen sink or dishwasher like there’s no tomorrow then a pull out kitchen tap might be just what you need. An extendable hose allows you to pull out the spout of the tap to rinse down awkward bit’s of washing up. Some also feature multiple spray modes so removing stuck on grime is surprisingly easy.

Bristan Single & Twin Lever Kitchen Taps

Single or twin lever taps?

The answer to this is ultimately down to personal preference. You know what works for you and it doesn’t affect how the tap performs in the slightest. More minimalist designs of kitchen will benefit most from a single lever tap whereas any fan of symmetry will need to have a twin lever mixer.

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