Vitusso Bath Panels

We all want to indulge in a touch of style, so why should your bathroom be any different? If you want to make your bath truly stand out, then be sure to explore our collection of stunning Vitusso Bath Panels. Boasting beautifully eye-catching finishes and available in a variety of sizes; our range of stunning Vitusso bath panels are sure to add the perfect touch of character to your bath.

Our collection of bath panels from the leading manufacturer Vitusso is the perfect addition to any bathroom. With a range of bath side panels and end panels for you to choose from, you can make an old, worn bathtub look as though it’s brand new.

Bath panels can be the perfect way to upgrade your bathroom suite. By simply adding these unassuming bathroom accessories, you can create a completely different look and feel in your home. Bath panels have become a more convenient and more affordable alternative to replacing an old and tired bathtub. With a range of finishes for you to choose from in this Vitusso Bath Panel collection, including beautiful oak to industrial concrete for a more modern feel; these bath panels are sure to add the perfect modern touch. Each of these bath panels also comes in a unique size, so no matter what length your bath is, there should be a panel that fits.

Vitusso prides itself on sophistication and character. With their products created in Italy, it’s no wonder these products exude style. Each product is lovingly made to the highest standard, and these bath panels are no exception. What’s more, you can pair these stunning panels with Vitusso’s whole range of products, including the beautiful Vitusso Garda Bathroom Furniture, where you’ll find a selection of stunning wall hung vanity units, cabinets, and contemporary countertops.    

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Vitusso Oak Bath End Panel - 750mm
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Vitusso Oak Bath Side Panel - 1700mm
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