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Mira Elevate Shower Enclosures

Mira Elevate Shower Enclosures feature high quality, polished silver finish on all fixings, making these showers the perfect choice for a contemporary bathroom. When it comes to maintaining the Mira Elevate enclosure, design details have been specially manufactured to make everyday cleaning and maintenance an easy job. We have a range of different door types to best suit your bathroom, including, sliding doors, bifold doors, quadrant doors and many more!

  1. mira-elevate-sliding-door-shower-enclosures

    Mira Elevate Sliding Door Shower Enclosures

    4 choices
    From £289.96
  2. mira-elevate-pivot-door-shower-enclosures

    Mira Elevate Pivot Door Shower Enclosures

    4 choices
    From £249.94
  3. mira-elevate-bifold-door-shower-enclosures

    Mira Elevate Bifold Door Shower Enclosures

    5 choices
    From £324.96
  4. mira-elevate-quadrant-shower-enclosures

    Mira Elevate Quadrant Shower Enclosures

    2 choices
    From £404.97
  5. mira-elevate-corner-entry-shower-enclosures

    Mira Elevate Corner Entry Shower Enclosures

    3 choices
    From £338.97
  6. mira-elevate-wet-room-panels

    Mira Elevate Wet Room Panels

    3 choices
    From £259.94
  7. mira-elevate-side-panels

    Mira Elevate Side Panels

    3 choices
    From £219.94

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  9. Mira Elevate 760mm Side Panel - 6mm Glass - 2.1814.016

  10. Mira Elevate 900mm Side Panel - 6mm Glass - 2.1814.018

  11. Mira Elevate 800mm Pivot Shower Door - 6mm Glass - 2.1814.002

  12. Mira Elevate 1000mm Wet Room Panel - 8mm Glass - 2.1814.025

  13. Mira Elevate 760mm x 760mm Corner Entry Shower Enclosure- 6mm Glass - 2.1814.027

  14. Mira Elevate 1150mm Sliding Shower Door - 6mm Glass

    Best Seller!

    Mira Elevate 1150mm Sliding Shower Door - 6mm Glass - 2.1814.010

  15. Mira Elevate 900mm x 900mm Corner Entry Shower Enclosure- 6mm Glass - 2.1814.030

  16. Mira Elevate 1000mm Bi-Fold Shower Door - 4mm Glass - 2.1814.008

  17. Mira Elevate 800mm Side Panel - 6mm Glass - 2.1814.017

  18. Mira Elevate 760mm Pivot Shower Door - 6mm Glass - 2.1814.001

  19. Mira Elevate 900mm Wet Room Panel - 8mm Glass - 2.1814.024

  20. Mira Elevate 1000mm Sliding Shower Door - 6mm Glass - 2.1814.009

  21. Mira Elevate 760mm Bi-Fold Shower Door - 4mm Glass - 2.1814.005

  22. Mira Elevate 800mm Bi-Fold Shower Door - 4mm Glass - 2.1814.006

  23. Mira Elevate 900mm Bi-Fold Shower Door - 4mm Glass - 2.1814.007

  24. Mira Elevate 1200mm Wet Room Panel - 6mm Glass - 2.1814.026

  25. Mira Elevate 1000mm Pivot Shower Door - 6mm Glass - 2.1814.088

  26. Mira Elevate 1200mm Sliding Shower Door - 6mm Glass - 2.1814.011

  27. Mira Elevate 800mm x 800mm Corner Entry Shower Enclosure - 6mm Glass - 2.1814.028

  28. Mira Elevate 1400mm Sliding Shower Door - 6mm Glass - 2.1814.012

  29. Mira Elevate 900mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure - 6mm Glass - 2.1814.014

  30. Mira Elevate 700mm Bi-Fold Shower Door - 4mm Glass - 2.1814.004

  31. Mira Elevate 800mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure- 6mm Glass - 2.1814.013

  32. Mira Elevate 900mm Pivot Shower Door - 6mm Glass - 2.1814.003

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With so many different door types to choose from, it can be a daunting process trying to find the perfect one for your shower enclosure. Mira Elevate Shower Enclosures are a brilliant choice for any modern bathroom and are built to the highest of standards, to bring you a durable and robust shower enclosure for the whole family. Use this helpful guide to decide which door is right for you and your bathroom.

Elevate Sliding Door
Elevate Pivot Door
Elevate Bifold Door

Sliding shower doors operate on rollers and open and close via rails. They’re a brilliant choice for smaller bathrooms are they don’t intrude into the rest of your bathroom.  Sliding showers are the epitome of simplicity and functionality in the bathroom without needing large space requirements. Featuring a simple design of all doors as they slide parallel to the static door to allow access to the enclosure.

As the name suggests, pivot shower doors open and close by rotating on a pivot. This shower door is often confused with a hinged shower door as they look fairly similar, however, pivot doors require less clearance space than hinged doors of the same width, making them great options for smaller bathrooms.

Bifold shower doors open and close with a folding action, this makes them great options for bathrooms with less available space as they don’t protrude into your bathroom. This smooth opening mechanism allows ease of access so you can hop in the shower as quickly as possible, even when you’re in a rush.

Elevate Quadrant Enclosure
Elevate Corner Entry
Elevate Wetroom Panels

Quadrant shower enclosures are one of the most popular options for UK homes, this is due to the average bathroom being on the smaller size. Quadrant shower enclosures fit nicely into the corner of the room, meaning you can still install a shower enclosure even if space is tight.

Corner entry shower enclosures are functional and extremely practical and they sit nicely in the corner of the room to give a spacious look. This style of enclosure is one of the most compatible types of enclosures as it will fit virtually in any corner if there is enough room.

If you’re looking for a minimalistic look in your bathroom, then a wet room screen is the right way to go. Designed with function and style in mind wetroom screens are built to the highest of standards to bring you an enclosure which will last a lifetime!

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