Mira Ascend Shower Enclosures

Introducing Mira Ascend Shower Enclosures! We offer a range of different styles and sizes to help you along the way to choosing your perfect shower enclosure, including sliding doors, quadrants, wet room panels, corner entry, hinged doors and side panels. So whatever you’re after, we’ve got you covered. For an added peace of mind, each of our shower enclosures come complete with 8mm safety glass, making them a great option for family bathrooms where knocks and bumps are prone.

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    Mira Ascend Sliding Door Shower Enclosures

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    Mira Ascend Quadrant Shower Enclosures

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    Mira Ascend Wet Room Panels

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    Mira Ascend Corner Entry Shower Enclosures

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    Mira Ascend Hinged Door Shower Enclosures

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  7. Mira Ascend 300mm Hinged Deflector / Return Panel - 8mm Glass - 1.1862.210

  8. Mira Ascend 760mm Wet Room Screen Divider Side Panel - 8mm Glass - 1.1862.206

  9. Mira Ascend 1000mm Wet Room Screen Divider Panel - 8mm Glass - 1.1862.203

  10. Mira Ascend 1200mm Wet Room Screen Divider Panel - 8mm Glass - 1.1862.204

  11. mira-ascend-1200mm-framed-sliding-shower-door-8mm-glass-11862189

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    Mira Ascend 1200mm Framed Sliding Shower Door - 8mm Glass - 1.1862.189

  12. Mira Ascend 1200mm Frameless Hinged Shower Door - 8mm Glass - 1.1862.178

  13. Mira Ascend 1000 x 800mm Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosure - 8mm Glass - C1.1862.198

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  14. Mira Ascend 1200 x 900mm Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosure - 8mm Glass - C1.1862.200

  15. Mira Ascend 900mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure - 8mm Glass - C1.1862.197

  16. Mira Ascend 900mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure - 8mm Glass & Mira Flight Level Tray

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Mira Ascend Shower Enclosures

Mira Ascend Shower Enclosures are one of the most luxurious models are the market today, featuring a sleek chrome frame and innovative 7mm safety glass, you’ll be the talk of the town. These stylish enclosures will be a brilliant addition to any contemporary space and complement the Mira Flight Low and Safe shower tray ranges perfectly.

Roland Boal, the Head of Industrial Design for Mira Showers says this about Mira Ascend

“Looking for a designer shower enclosure range that achieves the coveted, frameless look whilst is built from robust, quality materials and will fit your bathroom space is a challenge! Mira Ascend, our latest shower enclosure range, meets every need. The true beauty of this product is in the detail – this enclosure range looks impressive from afar, yet the smaller details come from the innovative “delighters” that we have incorporated.”

Mira Ascend Sliding Door
Mira Ascend Quad
Mira Ascend Wet Room

For a more luxurious shower enclosure, we suggest that you choose a Mira Sliding shower door. The easy-glide shower screen is specially designed for a consistently smooth movement.

Perfectly suited to a corner bathroom space, choose the Mira Ascend Quadrant enclosure. The innovative technology ensures an easy-glide door and with thermally toughened 8mm safety glass, this clever enclosure is built to last

If you’re looking for a minimalistic shower enclosure, then you really can’t go wrong with a Mira Ascend Wet Room Screens. Available in a range of different sizes, so there’s an option for every bathroom, no matter the size. The panels will subtly add to your minimalist decor, with no visible screws, an uncluttered and frameless design

Mira Ascend Corner Entry
Mira Ascend Hinged
Mira Ascend Side Panels

If you prefer a hinged door rather than the traditional sliding door, then the Mira Ascend Hinge Door will suit your needs perfectly. Simple and elegant, this shower option comes in sizes from 900mm to 1200mm, so there’s a fit for every bathroom type and size.

The minimalist and frameless design of the Mira Hinged shower door helps you to create a stress-free sanctuary in your home and with it’s easy to clean glass, thanks to the CleanCoat technology, you can keep your shower glass streak-free and sparkling for longer.

A perfect complement to the Mira Ascend doors and wet rooms, the Mira Ascend side panels. They help to bring the look and feel of your shower space together. 

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