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You've probably heard of infographics, but do you know what they are? Infographics are graphic representations of knowledge, data and information - with the intention to present a string of complex information in a quick and concise way.

We have a selection of different infographics on various subjects to give you an excellent and entertaining source of information. Simply click the titles to visit the respective infographic.


What Shower Do You Need?

Most showers work on all household plumbing systems, but there are some on the market that are only compatible with certain ones. We get asked the question a lot, so we decided to do something about it in the form of a handy infographic.

Which shower do you need?

The History of the Toilet

Have you sat yourself down on the loo and ever wondered where it all began? No, we don't mean life, we mean toilets! The modern toilet does pretty much everything you can imagine, especially if you buy one of the latest Japanese versions that can even play music.

We decided to explore the annals of time to find out the information that so many people crave.Honestly! Check out The History of the Toilet - Infographic.

History of the toilet

How to Fix a Phone That Has Been Dropped Down a Toilet

We have all heard the horror stories and maybe some of us have had the nightmare occur for real. Dropping your phone down the toilet could potentially mean the end of the world for those people that have it glued to their hands or ears from the moment they wake up.

We decided to explore a potential life-saving method for rescuing the phone and popped it all in a useful infographic too.

Phone down the toilet

The History of Showers

Since the dawn of time mankind has yearned for the need to take a good long shower. Man has always been fully aware of how good it feels to wash away the dirt of a hard working day, or simply as a way to relax a weary body. So the shower has been around a lot longer than you may initially think; it is only the way that a shower is carried out that’s changed.

This infographic charts the history of those falling streams of water, beginning with a simple waterfall and ending on the modern electrical versions that we take for granted. You can even print it out and stick it to your bathroom wall to read if you wish, that way you’ve got the perfect excuse to spend even longer in the shower!

The history of showers

Bathroom Hacks You Need to Try

We use the word ‘hack’ in this sense to refer to ‘life hacks’. These are ideas that find a better solution for a problem and can also be seen as a shortcut for doing something. For example, can’t afford speakers for streaming music louder from your phone? You can get a boost in sound by simply popping it in a bowl.

Our bathroom hacks give you shortcut solutions to doing things in the bathroom, whether it’s using something to clean your bathroom without having to buy expensive cleaning products or simply finding an easier way to store everything. Our infographic has plenty of ‘bathroom hacks’ to try.