A History of Showers

Have you ever stood in the shower and wondered where did it all begin? No not life, we mean washing, being clean and of course the advent of the humble shower. The majority of people will climb out of bed in the morning and drag themselves into the shower in the hope of waking up enough to begin the long, tiring and sometimes tedious journey to work.

The shower is something we take for granted these days and modern technology has seen it rise from being a pipe in our bathrooms to having the ability to being programmed via our mobile phones. We take you on a little journey back in time and explore the very beginnings of the shower right through to modern day life and what showers are available today.

The history of showers 1
The history of showers 2
The history of showers 3
The history of showers 4
The history of showers 5
The history of showers 6
The history of showers 7

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