Wall Panels

If you want a trouble-free way of waterproofing your bathroom, you should consider using Bathroom Wall Panels (also known as Shower Panels or Wet Walls). Most people opt for tiles in the bathroom, which, as you know, need to be painstakingly placed one by one - a time-consuming job that takes a lot of patience! Instead, these large single wall panels are fitted much more easily and in a fraction of the time, providing a seamless installation that’s completely waterproof.

We have multiple ranges of bathroom wall panels, all of which come in various sizes and finishes so getting just the right look and installation won’t be a problem. They can be used with a bath or a shower enclosure, or you could even kit out your whole bathroom with them should you choose to! Both types of panels are made to an extremely high standard and come with a long guarantee period to give you worry-free showering for years to come.

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  2. multipanel-metro-tile-levanto-marble-sample

    Multipanel Tile Levanto Marble Metro Sample

  3. multipanel-contemporary-senora-stone-sample

    Multipanel Contemporary Senora Stone Sample

  4. multipanel-linda-barker-siena-marble-sample

    Multipanel Linda Barker Siena Marble Sample

  5. multipanel-contemporary-tavolo-taupe-sample

    Multipanel Contemporary Tavolo Taupe Sample

  6. multipanel-linda-barker-black-pietra-sample

    Multipanel Linda Barker Black Pietra Sample

  7. multipanel-pure-antique-rose-sample

    Multipanel Pure Antique Rose Sample

  8. multipanel-pure-white-mineral-sample

    Multipanel Pure White Mineral Sample

  9. multipanel-pure-black-mineral-sample

    Multipanel Pure Black Mineral Sample

  10. multipanel-pure-misty-blue-sample

    Multipanel Pure Misty Blue Sample

  11. multipanel-linda-barker-onyx-marble-sample

    Multipanel Linda Barker Onyx Marble Sample

  12. multipanel-pure-white-gypsum-sample

    Multipanel Pure White Gypsum Sample

  13. multipanel-pure-sage-green-sample

    Multipanel Pure Sage Green Sample

  14. multipanel-pure-dust-grey-sample

    Multipanel Pure Dust Grey Sample

  15. multipanel-pure-taupe-grey-sample

    Multipanel Pure Taupe Grey Sample

  16. multipanel-pure-white-grey-sample

    Multipanel Pure White Grey Sample

  17. multipanel-pure-monument-grey-sample

    Multipanel Pure Monument Grey Sample

  18. multipanel-pure-levanto-marble-sample

    Multipanel Pure Levanto Marble Sample

  19. multipanel-herringbone-alpine-white-tile-sample

    Multipanel Tile Alpine White Herringbone Sample

  20. multipanel-metro-tile-alpine-white-sample

    Multipanel Tile Alpine White Metro Sample

  21. multipanel-herringbone-tile-antique-rose-sample

    Multipanel Tile Antique Rose Herringbone Sample

  22. multipanel-metro-antique-rose-tile-sample

    Multipanel Tile Antique Rose Metro Sample

  23. multipanel-antique-rose-tile-sample

    Multipanel Tile Antique Rose Sample

  24. multipanel-black-mineral-tile-sanple

    Multipanel Tile Black Mineral Sample

  25. multipanel-herringbone-tile-misty-blue-sample

    Multipanel Tile Misty Blue Herringbone Sample

  26. multipanel-metro-tile-misty-blue-sample

    Multipanel Tile Misty Blue Metro Sample

  27. multipanel-misty-blue-tile-sample

    Multipanel Tile Misty Blue Sample

  28. multipanel-herringbone-tile-sage-green-sample

    Multipanel Tile Sage Green Herringbone sample

  29. multipanel-metro-tile-sage-green-sample

    Multipanel Tile Sage Green Metro Sample

  30. multipanel-sage-green-tile-sample

    Multipanel Tile Sage Green Sample

  31. multipanel-dust-grey-tile-sample

    Multipanel Tile Dust Grey Sample

  32. multipanel-herringbone-tile-dust-grey-sample

    Multipanel Tile Dust Grey Herringbone Sample

  33. multipanel-metro-tile-dust-grey-sample

    Multipanel Tile Dust Grey Metro Sample

  34. multipanel-herringbone-tile-taupe-grey-sample

    Multipanel Tile Taupe Grey Herringbone Sample

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