Kitchen Waste

Deal with kitchen waste efficiently with Plumbworld

Making sure you get rid of your kitchen waste is more important than you might think as improper disposal might lead to bad smells or worse a blockage in your pipework. Thankfully we’re on hand to alleviate those woes and provide you with all the necessary products to hygienically and easily get rid of waste in your kitchen or utility room. Within our range of kitchen waste products we have our range of undersink waste grinders, designed to chop up waste food, and also our range of kitchen lifting stations, an ideal addition to any home that plans to fit a kitchen or utility room when waste water needs to be pumped to the soil pipe.

  1. InSinkErator Kitchen Waste Disposal Units


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  2. wastemaid-undersink-waste-grinders

    Wastemaid Undersink Waste Grinders

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  3. reginox-waste-disposal-units

    Reginox Waste Disposal Units

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  4. waste-disposal-accessories

    Waste Disposal Accessories

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  5. waste-water-lifting-stations

    Waste Water Lifting Stations

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