Kitchen Waste

If you want to be able to dispose of leftover food and scraps quickly and with minimal mess, a kitchen sink waste pipe could be a great solution. With our kitchen sink waste fittings, you can easily and hygienically remove waste from your sink, sending it down your kitchen waste pipe without worrying about bad smells or blockages.

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Here at Plumbworld, we stock a range of sink waste solutions. Our undersink waste grinders efficiently grind down unwanted food scraps and was them away - not only is this convenient for you, but also helps reduce the amount of food you send to a landfill. Here, you can also find our waste water lifting stations, ideal for when you need to fit a kitchen or washing machine some distance away from your soil pipe.

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  1. InSinkErator Kitchen Waste Disposal Units


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    McAlpine Waste Disposal Units

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    Waste Disposal Accessories

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    Kitchen Utility Waste Water Lifting Stations

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    Kitchen Waste Fittings

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