Reginox Waste Disposal Units

There’s nothing worse than the smell of old food sat in your bin. It’s enough to put you off hanging out in the kitchen, which we all know is often the hub of the home. Never fear though as Reginox waste disposal units may be the answer to all your needs. They work by shredding and grinding all kinds of food waste into tiny particles that are then small enough to be taken away via your sink waste. This in turn reduces your household waste and prevents the bin from having unpleasant smells. They all feature a removable splash guard to avoid any messy splashback and are quick and easy to install. The waste disposal units have an impressive horsepower and motor speed, with a continuous feed and a permanent magnet motor ensuring consistency and accuracy.

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  2. reginox-waste-disposal-unit-075-hp-rd-100i-as

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    Reginox Waste Disposal Unit 0.75 HP - RD 100I A/S


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  3. Reginox Waste Disposal Unit 0.65 HP - RD 70 A/S


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  4. Reginox Waste Disposal Unit 0.55 HP - RD 60


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  5. Reginox Waste Disposal Unit 0.5 HP - RD 50


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