There is nothing quite like the feeling of being in a sauna. After an intense workout, a dip in the pool, or even a relaxing massage, there can be nothing more rewarding than stepping into a steaming hot sauna and releasing the stresses of the day. With saunas often being found in spas, we may often wish we had our own personal spa in our homes. With our range of Saunas, your dream can become a reality. So, discover our range of luxurious Saunas below and enjoy one in the comfort of your own home! Here at Plumbworld, we sell a selection of saunas in different shapes and sizes to suit your requirements.

Saunas are designed to heat up to between 70-100 degrees, offering a soothing space to unwind. Saunas aren’t just great for relaxing, they can also be incredibly good for your health, too. With saunas showing a positive impact on easing pain, reducing your stress levels, and even improving cardiovascular health; it’s no wonder these innovative products have been around for thousands of years!  

Within our range of Saunas, you can find a selection of Infrared Saunas. Differing from a typical wood burning sauna, these infrared rooms are designed to use unique lamps and light to heat up your body, rather than the whole room. You can also find a unique range of features to enhance your sauna experience, including quick and easy plug & play installation, so you can simply plug your new sauna into your outdoor plug and begin enjoying it in no time! A range of modern features are also included, such as beautiful LED lighting to set the ambience, aromatherapy and a unique Bluetooth controlled audio system!

Learn all about the health benefits and risks of saunas in our blog article.

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