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Modern times means more convenience and you don’t get much more convenient than an ensuite bathroom. A stones throw away from bed in the middle of the night and the obvious choice if you want to avoid tripping over the family cat in the dark. These pint-sized bathroom suites offer all the luxuries of a full toilet and wash basin but on a smaller scale than the family bathroom. Smaller width basins and furniture units allow you to maximise on space without the worry of overcrowding. Within our range of ensuite bathrooms you can choose from modern or traditional styling too so getting just the right aesthetics in your new bathroom should be easy!

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  2. Amelie Toilet & Aurora Vanity Unit 400mm

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  3. Amelie Toilet & Basin Cloakroom Suite

  4. Milan Toilet & Essence Vanity Unit - 550mm

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  5. Amelie Comfort Height Toilet & Basin Cloakroom Suite

  6. Provence Toilet & Semi Pedestal Basin Cloakroom Suite

  7. Amelie Toilet & Semi Pedestal Basin Cloakroom Suite

  8. Provence Toilet & Basin Cloakroom Suite

  9. Amelie Toilet & Essence Vanity Unit 550mm

  10. Essentials Toilet & Basin Cloakroom Suite

  11. Oceane Toilet & Basin Cloakroom Suite

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  12. Milan Toilet & Basin Cloakroom Suite

  13. Essentials Toilet & Aurora Vanity Unit 400mm

  14. Essentials Toilet & Basin Cloakroom Suite - 2 Tap Hole

  15. Royan Toilet & Aurora Vanity Unit 400mm

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  16. Tivoli Rimless Toilet & Basin Cloakroom Suite

  17. Ceramica Montpellier Toilet & Basin Cloakroom Suite

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  18. Marseille Toilet & Basin Cloakroom Suite

  19. RAK Ceramics Tonique Toilet & Basin Cloakroom Suite

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  20. Ryther Toilet & Basin Cloakroom Suite

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Do I Need Planning Permission for an Ensuite Bathroom?

You do not need any prior planning permission for an ensuite bathroom in your home, unless you are building an extension. However, assuming you are putting your new ensuite into a room that wasn’t in use as a bathroom before - such as a section of your bedroom, for example - then you will need to have building regulation approval once it is completed.

This is to ensure that your new ensuite bathroom has sufficient ventilation and drainage, plus checks that all electrical wiring and fire safety precautions have been properly met. You can contact your local council for this, who will charge a fee for the approval. If they find any issues with the work, these will need to be corrected, so it’s always best to have somebody who knows the necessary regulations to get the work done right the first time.


How to Build an Ensuite Bathroom

There are so many variations when it comes to building an ensuite bathroom. The main things to consider when it comes to building yours will likely be around feasibility - how straight forward will it be to plumb a new bathroom into your chosen space?

You will need to ensure that you have access to the following things to build an ensuite bathroom:

  • A running water supply - if you are using a mixer shower, you will need both hot and cold water. If you can’t plumb into your hot water supply, you can fit an electric shower and electric water heater for your sink as an alternative.

  • Heating - if you need to fit a radiator or heated towel rail, can the pipework be run into the new ensuite? You will also need new radiator valves fitting.

  • Waste water - make sure you can run water draining pipes from your shower, sink and toilet. A macerator can be used if drainage is a problem.

  • Ventilation - if you are building an ensuite with a shower or bath, you will likely need to fit an extractor fan to ensure the room is ventilated properly.

  • Lighting - if you don’t have a window in the area you have chosen to build your ensuite bathroom, you will need to make sure you can have new wiring installed and fit the correct IP rated lighting.

So as you can see, when building an ensuite bathroom, planning and preparation are key. Plan out your space with how and where you will fit your appliances, consulting with a plumber or electrician as required to get an idea of how feasible it is to build your ensuite bathroom.

As they are usually designed to take up as little room as possible, it’s always good to research some space-saving ideas when building your ensuite bathroom. Here at Plumbworld, you can find low projection toilets, wall hung basins and small shower trays and enclosures plus wetroom kits, all of which will help you build your ensuite bathroom to size. 


How Much Value Does an Ensuite Bathroom Add to Your House?

A home should have one bathroom for every three bedrooms as a minimum. But, as more and more of us are seeing the benefits of extra bathroom space, it can only help to have more. 

It has been reported that adding an additional bathroom to your house can add up to 5% to the overall value of your home, plus many real estate agents have said it can also help a house sell faster.

Of course, if you are adding an ensuite bathroom purely to add value to your house to sell it, always do your maths. The average bathroom cost of adding an ensuite bathroom in the UK is around £3,000, so ensure you don’t exceed this too much as it will eat into your profit. Also be aware of the space available - is adding an ensuite worth it if it leaves your bedroom too cramped?

Always weigh up the pros and cons, costs and potential profits when deciding whether adding an ensuite bathroom will add value to your house.



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