Water Heaters

Heating and water systems can initially look a little complicated, but with our range of water heaters and accessories, you’ll be enjoying the pleasures of hot water in no time at all. 

Shop electric water heaters online at Plumbworld

An electric water heater is designed to provide you with everything that the modern home requires. Tankless water heaters are available in both over sink and under sink variations depending on your kitchen space availability and come in a range of power options from 3kW right up to 7kW. So what are you waiting for? Shop for your water heater online at Plumbworld today!

  1. Over Sink Water Heaters

    Over Sink Water Heaters

    4 choices
    From £40.94
  2. under-sink-water-heaters

    Under Sink Water Heaters

    9 choices
    From £61.20
  3. Redring Water Heaters

    Redring Water Heaters

    6 choices
    From £61.20
  4. triton-water-heaters

    Triton Water Heaters

    5 choices
    From £40.94