Water Heaters

Heated Water is a Priority for Modern Life, and We Make it Simple.

Heating and water systems can initially look a little complicated, but with a range of water heaters and accessories with simple to understand controls you’ll be enjoying the pleasures of hot water within no time at all. Designed to provide you with everything that the modern home requires, there’s something to suit you whatever your situation. We ensure they’re simple to use, economically friendly and with a low price up front too.

  1. Hand Washers

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    Hand Washers
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    Redring Water Heaters


Triton T30i Hand Wash Unit 3kW

Instant hot water!

Placed in our occasionally-used 'guest annexe' which has no independent hot water supply. Works really well, giving instant hot water to wash hand basin with accepatable flow rate even though it is the lower-rated 3 KW model. Tap only needs a quarter turn. Much better than previous unit (by different manufacturer) which involved turning the control knob 360 degrees then back again before delivering a dribble of water through a spray head which was impossible to clean. Would definitely recommend.

Evelyn Cohen

Triton T30i Hand Wash Unit 7kW

Triton was 'right on'

We needed to replace a hand wash unit in our wash room, and our choice was the triton t30i 7kw unit. Having previously fitted a similar triton in a smaller unit recently, we knew that the triton was reliable, and the 7kw version would cater for the increased usage for this application. We were right. Triton is number one

Mike Cowley