Grohe Shower Kits

Replacing your shower’s riser rail and the shower head could be the difference between humdrum mediocre showering and total revitalising refreshment. A lot of the time it’s the shower head being blocked with scale or slipping down the riser rail that causes the most frustrations while showering. After all, there’s nothing worse than enjoying an invigorating shower, only to be bashed on the head by a runaway shower head! If you’re tired of a broken shower and want to remedy your woes, you can alleviate the dissatisfaction by simply replacing just the shower kit. These convenient shower kits can really bring a new lease of life to your shower without breaking the bank, so you can really appreciate your showers once more.

Shower kits are perfect for when you need to spruce up your bathroom. With our range of stylish Grohe shower kits, you can feel confident in the knowledge that you’re purchasing a shower kit that is high quality and incredibly functional. 

With our range of Grohe shower kits, you will find everything you need to enjoy a truly rejuvenating shower. Immerse yourself in luxury with an invigorating overhead shower, boasting some of Grohe’s patented features such as EcoJoy, which can reduce your water usage by up to 40%! You can also indulge in some of the best shower spray patterns available, including a soothing DreamSpray, and a relaxing Rain Spray to help wash away the stresses of the day. 

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