Boasting over 27 years of experience and with products honed to perfection through rigorous testing and research, Everbuild is one of the leading manufacturers in the sealant, adhesive and building chemical industry. With a variety of products to help aid your bathroom DIY jobs, from small quick fixes to fitting a new bathroom altogether, you can find the perfect sealant, adhesive or grout with Everbuild.

At Plumbworld, we do our utmost to get your bathroom projects running as smoothly as possible. We know how hectic everyday life can get, and that's why we offer a huge range of products to suit your needs. We offer big brands at low prices to ensure our customers are always getting the best value for money and offer fantastic service, too - that's why we have an impressive excellent rating on Trustpilot. Not only that, but we also offer next-day, choose-a-day and Saturday deliveries, plus free parcel delivery. See what delivery options are available for your order and in your area on our delivery information page.

Shop Everbuild products today at Plumbworld.

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  1. everbuild-general-purpose-silicone-grey

    Everbuild General Purpose Silicone - Grey

    Was £ 7.30

    Save 18%

    £ 5.99

    In Stock
  2. everbuild-eb25-grey-sealant-and-adhesive

    Everbuild EB25 Grey Sealant and Adhesive

    Was £ 9.54

    Save 11%

    £ 8.49

    In Stock
  3. everbuild-703-fix-grout-tile-adhesive-3-75kg

    Everbuild 703 Fix & Grout Tile Adhesive - 3.75kg

    Was £ 9.79

    Save 5%

    £ 9.29

    In Stock
  4. Everbuild General Purpose Silicone White C3

    Everbuild General Purpose Silicone White C3

    Was £ 12.99

    Save 23%

    £ 9.97

    In Stock
  5. everbuild-forever-white-pow-wall-tile-grout-3kg

    Everbuild Forever White Pow Wall Tile Grout - 3kg

    Was £ 13.27

    Save 21%

    £ 10.49

    In Stock
  6. everbuild-sikaceram-cleangrout-ash-floor-and-wall-tile-grout-5kg

    Everbuild Sikaceram CleanGrout Ash Floor and Wall Tile Grout - 5kg

  7. everbuild-sikaceram-cleangrout-sand-floor-and-wall-tile-grout-5kg

    Everbuild Sikaceram CleanGrout Sand Floor and Wall Tile Grout - 5kg

  8. everbuild-sikaceram-cleangrout-white-floor-and-wall-tile-grout-5kg

    Everbuild Sikaceram CleanGrout White Floor and Wall Tile Grout - 5kg

  9. everbuild-general-purpose-silicone-clear

    Everbuild General Purpose Silicone - Clear

  10. everbuild-eb25-anthracite-sealant-and-adhesive

    Everbuild EB25 Anthracite Sealant and Adhesive

  11. everbuild-sikaceram-cleangrout-absolute-black-floor-and-wall-tile-grout-5kg

    Everbuild Sikaceram CleanGrout Absolute Black Floor and Wall Tile Grout - 5kg

    Was £ 16.39

    Save 18%

    £ 13.49

    In Stock
  12. everbuild-sikaceram-cleangrout-floor-and-wall-tile-grout-anthracite-5kg

    Everbuild Sikaceram CleanGrout Anthracite Floor and Wall Tile Grout - 5kg

    Was £ 16.39

    Save 6%

    £ 15.49

    In Stock
  13. everbuild-705-rapid-set-floor-and-wall-tile-adhesive-20kg

    Everbuild 705 Rapid Set Floor and Wall Tile Adhesive - 20kg

  14. everbuild-sikaceram-cleangrout-jasmin-5kg

    Everbuild Sikaceram Cleangrout Jasmin 5kg