Croydex Shower Kits

Croydex Shower Kits are brimming with functionality and style with their dazzling finishes and clever features. Choose between chrome and black finishes, whichever suits your shower valve and enclosure best. Chrome shower kits are exceptionally versatile because they complement many colour schemes and look great with chrome brassware and accessories. Sleek black shower kits are ultra-modern and really add contrast to your bathroom.

The shower heads feature rub-clean nozzles to prevent unsightly limescale buildup, and also have several different spray patterns to personalise your shower. Limescale can do a number on the longevity of your shower, so it’s important to remove it frequently to keep your shower functioning as it should. With rub-clean nozzles, this essential task has never been easier, enabling you to keep your shower in full working order for as long as possible.

The riser rail has an adjustable handset holder, allowing you to adjust the height of your shower head, making it friendly for the whole family. Plus, 1.5m hoses make the shower heads easier to manoeuvre, granting ample flexibility when you shower.

Croydex have over 100 years of experience in their industry and pride themselves on providing bathroom solutions that make installation effortless. They offer a range of different products that are stylish but practical.

Plumbworld offer many Croydex products as well as shower kits by a wide range of household names. It’s our mission to provide superb service and quality that can’t be beaten, all at affordable prices. We source products that not only last and look incredible but also make your life a little bit easier. To this end, we also offer flexible delivery, including next day delivery, Saturday delivery, pick-a-day delivery and free parcel delivery. Please click here to see available delivery for your order and region.

Shop for Croydex shower kits at Plumbworld and upgrade your shower today.

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