Croydex Shower Handsets

If you’re looking to upgrade your shower head but don’t know where to begin, then stop your search and look no further with our range of stunning Croydex Shower Handsets. Boasting style and functionality in abundance, this range of beautiful shower handsets will bring your bathroom to a new level.

Their dazzling chrome finishes not only look stylish, but they’re also incredibly easy to clean due to their smooth surface. Croydex Shower Handsets offer a selection of innovative features, making them highly advanced, including convenient rub clean nozzles, helping eliminate dreaded limescale build up. These shower handsets also offer several luxurious spray settings to choose from to help you personalise your shower. With some of these shower heads offering up to 5 rejuvenating spray patterns, including a soothing massage spray to completely relax you, a unique bubbling spray, and a saturating spray to name a few, you can indulge in complete relaxation with a Croydex shower handset.

Each Croyde shower handset offers a universal connection, so you can rest assured that no matter what shower you may have, these shower heads should easily attach (but it’s always best to double check!).

These unique shower heads also offer innovative technology unlike any other handset. Using Aqua Air technology, the shower head produces a much larger and softer water droplet compared to ordinary handsets. This seamlessly enhances and improves your showering experience each and every time. Aqua Air shower heads can save up to 50% water when compared to similar showerheads, too, so you will also be helping the environment with each wash! Water flowing through the showerhead draws in air, which is then mixed with the water. This results in bigger, softer, aerated water droplets within a volumized shower spray, which enhances the shower sensation and provides a high-quality showering experience for you to enjoy.

Discover our full range of Croydex Shower Handsets below. 

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