Triton Accessories

Showers can be expensive so we try to ensure as many accessories stay available for them so you don’t need to worry about changing the whole shower but just the part you need. Here we’ve got our selection of Triton Accessories which includes a vast array of shower heads and handsets. Shower heads are usually wall or ceiling mounted whereas the shower handsets generally fit into a clamp on a riser rail. They’re made from high-quality materials too so you can be sure that they’ll last.

  1. ceiling-mounted-shower-heads

    Ceiling Mounted Shower Heads

    7 choices
    From £24.99
  2. Triton Shower Handsets

    Triton Shower Handsets

    5 choices
    From £15.99
  3. Triton Shower Kits

    Triton Shower Kits

    2 choices
    From £44.99
  4. triton-shower-hoses

    Triton Shower Hoses

    4 choices
    From £13.49
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