Starline have a wide range of bathroom wall panels and accessories so you’re bound to find the right one for your bathroom. These wall panels are a brilliant alternative to tiling which can end up being a messy and time-consuming process, these panels are super easy to install and leave you with a minimal and clean looking space. We also offer a wide range of Starline accessories, includes wall profiles and adhesives allowing you to add those final touches to the room.

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  1. starline-wall-panels

    Starline Wall Panels

    19 products
    From £79.97
  2. starline-ceiling-panels

    Starline Ceiling Panels

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    From £59.99
  3. starline-click-vinyl-flooring

    Starline Click Vinyl Flooring

    14 choices
    From £3.00
  4. starline-wall-panel-accessories

    Starline Wall Panel Accessories

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    From £19.99
  5. starline-ceiling-panel-accessories

    Starline Ceiling Panel Accessories

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    Starline Wall Panel Samples

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  7. starline-ceiling-panel-samples

    Starline Ceiling Panel Samples

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