Things have progressed a lot since David Boswell Reid (a Scottish physician) installed four fans powered by steam in the ceiling of St George's Hospital. They were designed to force incoming air upward and through vents in the ceiling a lot like bathroom extractors today.

Fans today have been specifically manufactured to take any moisture and unwanted odours outside and away from your lovely bathroom accessories. Vent Axia pair not only practicality but style too to make sure their fans are more than adequate for the job.

They have masses of flexibility and can be installed in a number of settings, through a wall, window or panel or alternatively through the ceiling. The profile of the fan is a miniscule 47mm allowing for discreet installation in any setting.

Any electrical product that’s installed in a bathroom needs to have a suitable IP (ingress protection) rating for the zone it’s in. Water and electricity is a dangerous mix and the extractor must be installed be a suitably qualified professional. The IP rating for this fan is IPX4 or IP44.

This fan does benefit from a number of options to operate it. Firstly there is a pullcord which activates the extractor, simply repeat to turn back off again. Secondly a built-in humidity sensor will judge when levels of moisture are too high and again activate the fan.

As an added bonus Vent Axia provide a 2 year guarantee to cover any faults.


Features and Benefits:

  • IPX4 or IP44 water rated.
  • Integral humidity sensor and a pullcord to operate.
  • Neon indication light.
  • Suitable for use in cloakrooms, ensuites and other domestic locations.
  • Thermo-electric Shutter.
  • 2 Year warranty cover provided by Vent-Axia.


Technical Data:

  • Noise level 36dB(A) at 3m
  • Extraction rate: 23l/s
  • Profile depth: 47mm
CE Approved


Techincal Drawings

Vent Axia Axial Extractor Fan with Shutter, Humidistat & Pullcord - VA100XHP - 251710

£103.49 (Inc. VAT)

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