Modern appliances are needing higher and higher pressures to operate which could be a problem if you’re water system has low pressure. To overcome this problem you may want to consider using a shower pump. They’re designed to boost pressure and flow to a appliances in your home, including a shower, toilet, washbasin and separate taps.

There is a test you can perform to check whether a pump would be useful to you. Go to the bathroom and turn on your hot and cold taps. If the cold tap is a much higher pressure than the hot then you should be able to fit a pump to boost both to the same level.

The ESP50CPV is designed for bathroom systems where there is a requirement to boost basins, baths or showers which may be situated above and/or below the cold water storage tank.

This is a twin pump so it is designed to be fitting onto both the hot and cold stored water supplies. This means they are both boosted to the same level, giving you greater control when in the shower.

The pump is quiet and smooth under operation meaning you don’t have to wake the entire house when showering early in the morning.

If the incredible functionality wasn’t enough then to seal the deal Salamander cover the pump with a 2 year warranty. This can be increased to 3 years if you register the pump with Pumpwise.


Features and Benefits:

  • 1.5 Bar pressure
  • Centrifugal twin impeller type pump
  • Universal head
  • Suitable to be used with a tank fed shower and/or a whole house system in a flat or house
  • Supplied with some AV couplers
  • 2 Year warranty provided by Salamander which can be increased to 3 years if registered with Pumpwise


Technical Specifications:

  • 50ft head or 1.5 bar closed head pressure
  • 1.8 amps or 430 watts maximum
  • 54 dB during normal operation
  • Continuously rated
CE Approved Salamander Approved Retailer


Techincal Drawings

£292.03 (Inc. VAT)

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Salamander ESP50CPV Shower Pump 1.5 Bar Twin Impeller Universal Head Centrifugal Reviews

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    Excellent customer service and quick delivery even to the Isle of Wight. As said above, quality product.

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    Top quality seller , great deal and fast postage . Flo

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    Easey internet access,clear discription of product and quick delivery to my door