Positive Head Shower Pumps (Twin Impeller)

If you’re suffering from low water pressure on both your hot and cold supplies then a twin impeller will definitely improve the situation. They boost the flow of both feeds of water to give you a more powerful water supply. It’s not all or nothing either, you can purchase pumps with a lower bar pressure (less than 2.0 bar) for a low to medium boost or something with a higher bar pressure (2.0 bar and over) for a larger boost. This selection of pumps in particular are positive head which means they’re suitable for use where your outlet (e.g showerhead) is lower than the outlet on your cold water storage tank (usually fitted in the loft).

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    Positive Head Twin Impeller Pumps - Up to 2.0 Bar

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    Positive Head Twin Impeller Pumps - Over 2.0 Bar

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